Dartmoor Chili Farm and the Dartmoor National Park Authority

by Hot Juan on March 17, 2011 · 1 comment

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The Dartmoor Chilli Farm is a unique place, but they currently have big problems with the Dartmoor National Park Authority who have issued an enforcement notice stopping them from living on the farm while they await the results of their planning application.

Their application went before Ashburton Parish Council and was unanimously supported, you would expect with such good local support the Dartmoor National Park Authority would be going out of their way to help a local sustainable businesses like this..

We came across this video by Julian Preston about the farm, I think it shows what Kay and Phil are all about and why we need to support them

To support them please visit this link and search for their application (0064/11) and make a comment, if we don’t do this now we could soon see the end of such enterprising small agricultural business in the UK, Italy and France would be making them a special case, lets not let down our local food heros.

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