WhyNotHot – Hickory Smoked Naga BBQ Sauce

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WhyNotHot - Hickory Smoked Naga BBQ Sauce

WhyNotHot - Hickory Smoked Naga BBQ Sauce

When people think of Wales a few things spring to mind straight away. Tom Jones, dragons, mountains, funny accents and people with supposedly an over healthy interest in a certain farm animal, which hand on heart I can say is not true….well for the majority anyway.

I was so pleased when I received a bottle of sauce that came from a company called WhyNotHot based in Cwmgwili in West Wales.

I love BBQ sauces and was really excited to try their Hickory Smoked Naga BBQ Sauce.

Ingredients:  Tomatoes, Smoked Apples, Smoked Peppers, Red Onions, Brown Sugar, Bhut Jolokia (naga) chillies, Vinegar, Hickory Smoked Chillies, Garlic, Salt.

The label on the bottle reminds me of an old wild west wanted poster, the style of writing that reminds you of outlaws and trouble makers, on the side is a thermometer which says this sauce will blow the top off which put a smile on my face straight away, a sauce that promises both heat and taste ? What could be better? After seeing the XXX HOT below the sauce name I was hoping that this was going to cause my taste buds some trouble without taking away a BBQ taste too.

After opening the bottle, I took a few good long sniffs and straight off the smoky smell crept up my nostrils and it was very welcome, just like a BBQ that’s just been used, what a great smell that is.

When it comes to tasting I think a table spoon has to be used, it’s a rule when tasting sauces, so with that, I gave the bottle a quick shake and poured straight away.

Instantly more amazing smells came off it, it was like a smoky campfire being put out, the tasting is seconds away……

There it was, an instant hit of the smoked apples and the red onions, the taste fills your mouth straight away, slowly most of the ingredients began to become available to taste too, there it was, that delicious naga heat, which I have to say is not unbearable at all, if anything I would say it is quite moderate, it’s as if everything else cancels out the major heat so you are able to taste everything else and enjoy a slight heat that lingers for a few minutes.

This is one tasty sauce, I had to pour another spoonful, it is both sweet and smoky and an instant hit for me.

The bottle tells me that once opened it has to be used within four weeks, I challenge anyone who does not use this up in less than two.

This sauce makes a good marinade for chicken and is the crowning glory with some steak and eggs and to be honest, it goes with anything, use to dip or just pour on what ever takes your fancy, I guarantee that you will be topping all your foods with it straight away.

There is no artificial rubbish in this sauce too and I do believe they use the best at Whynothot, the proof is in this sauce.

You get a healthy sized 158g bottle for around £5 and I think this is a must.

Not being biased in anyway being a Welsh man myself, but the guys have a winner here. So get onto www.whynothot.co.uk and grab one NOW!

Thanks for reading sauce fans.


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