Chantico – The Aztec Goddess of Fire

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Well theirs a name for a cheese. Well this is a Cheddar Cheese that has been chopped up and mixed with the ingredients listed below including a natural colour (Annatto), then reformed, please don’t get the wrong impression, this is what is done will all this type of flavoured cheeses.

I love cheese and Cheddar must be the daddy of cheeses as far as I am concerned, So is this going to be a WOW product or a big disappointment.

Chantico Cheese – The Aztec Goddess of Fire

Chantico Cheese – The Aztec Goddess of Fire

Well first bite and I can taste the Jalapenos, they have that unique flavour, then there is another chilli flavour coming in, this is not setting me alight with heat, but the flavour is not at all bad for a mass market product, There is also a nice lingering cheddar flavour, they have not made this from a tasteless cheese that they packed with chillies to sell it.

Added Ingredients: Sweet Chilli Peppers (6%) (Sweet Chilli Peppers, Water, Sugar, Vinegar), Dried Jalapeno Peppers, Dried Mixed Herbs, Preservative: Potassium Sorbate, Colour: Annatto.

When you cut a reformed cheese you don’t get the same feedback as you do from normal cheddar which slices and shears and you cut into it, reformed cheese also feels different when you bite into it, there are always compromises, having said that the texture is very good with nice pieces of chillies and the herbs being very evident.

They rate this as 3 Chillies HOT, I think this may have been out of 10, if you are expecting Hot, then this is not it, but if you like Jalapeno’s you’re on a winner.

While this cheese is not a WOW product, I would buy this Cheese,  I have enjoyed the flavour, eating almost a whole 180g pack while doing this review, the second pack will be shared with the family. Well maybe, that’s if it does not get turned into Chilli Cheese on toast or grated on a Jacket Potato, I may even use it to make a unusual cheese sauce for yesterday recipe for Mexican Lasagna..

Chantico is blended by Wensleydale Dairy Products you can find out more about this cheese at


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