Cambridge Chilli Farm – Lucky 7

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Cambridge Chilli Farm - Lucky 7

Cambridge Chilli Farm - Lucky 7

We think this must be the first UK made sauce that uses the yellow 7 pot/pod chilli, Tim from the Cambridge Chilli Farm tells us he has made this a sweet sauce as he thinks it show cases the chillies qualities, he feels the chilli has distinct Pineapple flavour.

The sauce has a very distinct translucent yellow colour; it almost glows in the bottle, on opening the smell is most defiantly sweet and fruity with a twang of vinegar over the top.

This sauce has a major flare of heat, I am not sure I even got a initial sweetness, it just bursts with warmth over my tongue, after the surprise of the heat, there is lots of fruity flavour, I get the pineapple sweetness and the lemon juice, but not the vinegar, this is somehow lost behind the flavours

Ingredients: Sugar, Cider Vinegar, Yellow 7 Pod Chillies, Lemon Juice

Bottle kindly provided by the Cambridge Chilli Farm

This sauce is a real belter, it looks light and sweet, but the yellow 7 pods are hot, I am often annoyed by sweet sauces that have no heat or flavour beyond the sugar, but not with this one, buy this sauce and give it a go, you will not be disappointed, Tim has created an outstanding sauce with very few ingredients.

The packaging of this sauce is simple but very effective, the quality of the labels is a big jump up from previous versions

As yet this is not available on the web site, so hunt Tim down at one of the local markets or find him at one of the Chilli Events he is attending and taste it/buy it.

UPDATE 22/9/11 : This is now available online at the Cambridge Chilli Farm website for just £4.50, I am sure stocks are limited, so get it while you can else it is wait for next year!


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