Darth Naga Reviews: Grim Reaper Food “The Evil One”

by Darth Naga on February 24, 2011 · 3 comments

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Grim Reaper Foods - The Evil One

Grim Reaper Foods - The Evil One

How it going my little chilli padawanz?? Its a tuesday evening here at DN towers (its really not a tower, more a semi but I digress) and after getting over a shitty bout of manflu i could’nt think of a better way to celebrate than with a VIDEO REVIEW!! This one took alot of guts to do as I have’nt done a vid review in ages, and seeing as its my first one of 2011, i decided to make it a little bit special, so this gets a slightly different intro as a sort of celebration LOL.

Anyway, the sauce itself is one thats made by a guy known as Russel Williams, he owns “Grim Reaper Foods” which is a company that some people probably haven’t heard of but it makes AMAZING chilli products and he has written an article for us in the past on how to make your own oleoresin at home! He has entered the Fiery foods festival sauce competition a couple of times and won an award both times, and for that reason he decided to start producing his award winning sauce so that the general public could get a taste of something that only judges were privy to at the Fiery foods festival!

Ingredients: Scotch bonnet chillies, orange capsicums, red capsicums, onions, cyder vinegar, oranges, white wine vinegar, sugar, lemons, carrots, Naga jolokia chillies, salt, garlic, citric acid, chilli oleoresin.

(Review sample supplied by www.grimreaperfoods.com)

Soooo, “The Evil One” as it is know, is made with a surprisingly interesting number of ingredients, mainly the Oranges!! c’mon, FOOKIN ORANGES???!!! Its not an ingredient i would have EVER though would work in a sauce, but blimey o reilly it really does! The taste and smell is somewhere around “mmmm” and “OMG OWOWOWOWOW” infact enough of me typing about it, you can watch the vide review below!!

So there you have it, a sauce that can really hold its own among the “OMFG” level of hot sauce, and considering this rates a so called “5” on the Reaper heat scale, then a “10” is probably going to blow my plums clean off!! I’ve met Russell a couple of times and i have to say he is a genuinely nice guy who REALLY cares about his customers and enjoys making hot sauce, if you wanna see how passionate he is then you can read the earlier article on how to make your own oleoresin, or you can buy this sauce just to taste for yourself how passionate he can be (god that sounds wrong!!) Go grab some from www.hot-headz.com right now for £4.99 a bottle, absolute bargain for a cracking sauce, *waves hand across your face* this is just the sauce you are looking for…

Right, I hope you all enjoyed the video, i swear i will make more, and make them more regularly, sorry i’ve been away for so long guys an gals, please forgive me?

Until next time my chilli padawanz, may the sauce be with you…ALWAYYYYYYYYYS!


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