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If you’ve got outdoor or indoor space for a 4ft – 7ft tall plant, want huge harvests and love gadgets the Greenhouse Sensation’s Hydrogrow Solar might be for you.


Hydrogrow Solar

This hydroponic (soil-less) planter uses an integrated solar powered pump to feed and water plants twice every hour resulting in typical yields 3 to 4x bigger than those achieved with traditional growing methods, it keeps plants watered whilst you are on holiday and lets you really get to know how the needs of your plants change with time.

The planter’s solar powered pump delivers water and nutrients from the planter reservoir directly to the plant roots twice every hour, whatever the plants don’t use drains back into the reservoir. This very frequent feeding and draining means plants are never deficient in water or nutrients but are never stood in water – which would restrict access to oxygen and cause root rot. Plants grow more quickly, are healthier and produce bigger harvests.

As well as the frequent feeding the Hydrogrow Solar provides plants with the perfect balance of Water, Oxygen and Nutrients in the following ways…

  • Fresh air – as the water quickly drains back into the planter, fresh oxygen is pulled down into the roots.
  • Nutrient balance – the nutrient provided with the planter contains the essential elements required by plants, growers refresh their reservoir completely every 3 – 4 weeks so the nutrient balance is always maintained unlike in soil where some nutrients become depleted and others become too concentrated.
  • No compacting – clay pebbles are used instead of soil as these provide roots with better access to oxygen and can not become compacted, unlike soil.

There are also no soil-borne pests or diseases with which to do battle and holidays are taken care of thanks to the 15litre reservoir and for longer breaks a holiday watering kit can be added with an extra 25litre reservoir.

The Solargrow System

The Hydrogrow Solar System

What about cloud?

Greenhouse Sensation are known for their thorough trialling of new products, the Hydrogrow Solar was tested for 3 years to ensure that the solar panel was capable of delivering the right amount of water and nutrients all year, even in gloomy Lancashire winter conditions. Of course the Hydrogrow Solar delivers less water and nutrients in low light levels than in high light levels, but this is in line with the needs of the plants. Even in the light-starved Lancashire winter plants are sufficiently fed and watered.

Getting to know your plants

Anyone who really wants to get to know their plants and how their needs change as they grow will love the fact that you can monitor pH levels (pH testing and correcting kit included as well as instructions) and you will know exactly how much water your plants are taking up, which could help inform the care you give to your other plants.

What to grow

The Hydrogrow Solar is great for showing off single prized specimens, but there is space for three plants. Regulars at the West Dean Chilli Fiesta will be familiar with the site of Greenhouse Sensation’s Trinidad Scorpion chilli plant which is grown and over-wintered in a Hydrogrow Solar. It is now 4years old and is pruned back for overwintering in the Solargrow each year.

The Hydrogrow Solar includes:

  • Hydrogrow Solar – planter with 15 litre reservoir, solar panel, pump and delivery system
  • Growing media – reusable clay pebbles and capillary cubes which are used instead of soil
  • Plant nutrients – sufficient for one season
  • Jargon-free instructions
  • Gardening Angel support – access to Greenhouse Sensation’s advice service, just call or email the experts with any gardening-related questions and they will get back to you within 2 working hours

Hydrogrow Solar: £59.90

Size: Solargrow L55cm x W44cm x H28cm, Solar panel L23.5cm x W23cm x H20cm.

For more information visit the website, call 0845 602 3774 or email

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