ChileFoundry Newsletter – January 2011

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16 Million Pure Capsaicin Crystal

16 Million Pure Capsaicin Crystal

News Stories

The big story of the month has to be the potential Capsaicin BAN that came into force on the 18th January, we tried to cover this story as it developed, there are still few unanswered questions, but here are the articles we ran about it.

You could win the ultimate Chilli hamper for your Valentine; all you have to do is answer a simple question to enter the draw.

ChileFoundry's Chilli Valentine Hamper

ChileFoundry's Chilli Valentine Hamper

The BBC screened “Pleasure and Pain” with Michael Mosley joining in a chilli eating competition at last year’s Brighton Fiery Foods Festival.

Wild Thing: The Naga Morich Story Michael and Joy Michaud tell us about the history and travels of the Naga Morich

Product Reviews

Dartmoor Chilli Farm’s Hot Orange Chilli Marmalade A full flavour marmalade, with just a hint Bhut Jolokia.

Dartmoor Chilli Farm’s Hot Orange Chilli Marmalade

Dartmoor Chilli Farm’s Hot Orange Chilli Marmalade

Cottage Delight – Thai Sweet Chilli Crisps Excellent crisps, but not much flavour.

The Cherry Tree – Hot Chilli & Carrot Chutney An really good Chutney, great flavour hides within.

Thaikit Panang Curry Kit This is one of the best kits I have used to make a meal, simple and very tasty.

Darth Naga attempts ChilliPepperPete’s NAGALOO Curry Sauce This curry sauce defeats Darth Naga

Darth Naga reviews Spicymonkey Shitto A very unusal product made with smoked Fish and smoked Chillies..

Fire Foods – Fire Horse Mustard Chillies, Horseradish and Mustard Yummiie.

Mr Vikki’s Jamaican Hot Sauce Banana and Mango combined with Scotch Bonnets

The Chilli Pepper Company – Organic Dark Chilli Chocolate

The Chilli Pepper Company – Organic Dark Chilli Chocolate

The Chilli Pepper Company – Organic Dark Chilli Chocolate One of the best chocolates I have tasted so far..

Pleasure and Pain Smokin’ Scotch Bonnet & Mustard Hot Sauce An interesting sauce with a fruity orange aroma

Hot Headz – Who Dares Burns Naga Mustard Sauce Darth enjoys the combination of Mustard with his favourite Naga Chillies

Volcano Chilli – BBQ Lava A great product from Volcano Chilli, we have tested in on almost all our visitors at ChileFoundry HQ and it a sure winner.

Marks & Spencer – Smokey Chipotle Salsa Disappointingly sweet and mild salsa from M&S


Quick and Simple Recipes – Hot Chilli Mustard Make your own Chilli Mustard, it is much simpler than you think!

Simple and Easy Home Made Chilli Tomato Ketchup Ketchup is an iconic product, and it is very easy to make and alter to your own tastes.

Homemade aromatic chilli oil recipe A quick way to make chilli oil at home.

Simple & Quick Recipe for: Chilli Pepper Tequila Stuff the Chilli Vodka, this is much more interesting.

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