Sea Spring Seeds – Why grow an ordinary vegetable when you can grow an exceptional one?

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Sea Spring Seeds

Sea Spring Seeds

Sea Spring Seeds is the home of the Dorset Naga, one of the hottest chillies in the world. The business is owned and operated by Joy and Michael Michaud, who have also established and manage other gardening enterprises such as Seed Spring Plants (selling chilli plug plants) and Peppers by Post (growing and selling fresh chillies through the post).

Sea Spring Seeds is best known for its selective range of chillies carefully culled from the hundreds of varieties available worldwide. Before anything goes in the catalogue, it is trialled and evaluated for yield, earliness, growth habit and culinary utility. Varieties that make it through the trials are then laboratory-tested for heat levels, after which they are offered for sale. Though conducting trials is a long, slow and expensive process, the Michauds feel confident that the varieties they sell are some of the best adapted to the British climate.

Many of the Michauds’ chillies are hard-to find or unique varieties sold only by Sea Spring Seeds. They come from a number of sources, including immigrant gardeners, travellers returning from exotic destinations, and natural crosses made in their tunnels and greenhouses. The selection increases from year to year, and new additions are in the pipe line, including a super hot that will be available in the autumn of 2011.

As the Michauds say, ‘Why grow an ordinary vegetable when you can grow an exceptional one?

Chilli Menagerie

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