Thaikit Panang Curry Kit

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ThaiKit Panang Curry Kit

ThaiKit Panang Curry Kit

We love Thai food, and we are very lucky that we have an excellent Thai restaurant here in Yeovil, recently we discovered that one of our friends (Mark) spent his childhood in Thailand and He and his wife (Nai) still visit regularly, so to boost our experience we asked then to help us test this kit.

We decided to use chicken breasts for our  Panang Curry, but we could have used Beef or Pork. Panang Curry is peanut based and is best described as a dry curry, unlike the now very popular Green Thai  curry that is oftern more of a soup (The Supermarkets make their versions of Green Thai curry dry).

The ThaiKit came in a takeaway style brown cardboard box, we opted for the coconut cream and not the dried version, which lucky I remembered to put in the fridge before before we needed it, not that it needs to be kept in the fridge, but as this helps separate the coconut flesh from the liquid.

In our kit was carton of  Coconut Cream, and some well sealed portion sized sachets of  Fish Sauce, Sugar, Kaffir Lime Leaves, ground chillies, Crushed peanuts, MSG and the Panang curry paste.

We seperated the coconut flesh from the liquid and placed this in a large frying pan, we then added the Panang curry paste and stirred this over a medium heat for about 2 minutes before adding our chopped chicken, which we then cooked for a further 5 minutes (time depends on how big your chicken pieces are).

ThaiKit Panang Curry

ThaiKit Panang Curry

We then added the Fish Sauce and sugar and then roughly crumbled up the Kaffir Limes leaves and added them, before finely adding the ground chilli, we allowed this to cook down for a few minutes and then served it with some Fragrant Thai rice.

The reaction from Mark and Nai could not have been better, this kit could not have been simpler, the enclosed instruction where very clear and easy to follow.

The only thing we did not use from the kit was the sachet of MSG, and I don’t think we missed it.

The flavour was as I would have expected if I had this in my local Thai restaurant, it was hot enough for us all to enjoy, I could of added a few fresh chopped red chilles as a condiment.. overall the kit gets a well deserved 9/10 and at £3.79 +40p for the Coconut milk upgrade, it offers excellent value for money, we used two kits for our meal easily served 5 people.

You can order your own excellent ThaiKit curries direct from their web site they have kits for Yellow Curry, Green Curry, Red Curry, the Panang Curry we tried as well as Masaman Curry.


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