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“The following varieties are – as far as we know – unique to us in the UK. In the majority of the cases, we were given the original seed by other people (usually travellers) and after years of growing them out now produce seed ourselves” – Joy Michaud Sea Spring Seeds

Apricot (Capsicum chinense)

Sea Springs Seeds - Apricot - Image © Sea Spring Seeds


Sea Spring Seeds’ version of a mild habanero, Apricot is virtually heat-free. The elongated fruit are slightly-grooved and measure about 25×60 mm. They have an appealing crunchy texture and a wonderfully fresh, aromatic fragrance. As they mature the colour changes from a delicate lime green to a stunning salmon orange. The medium-sized plants are quite tidy and disciplined, and can be grown, with some support, either in pots, growbags or the ground.
Delicious stuffed or used in salads as a fragrant addition to the dish. A real treat for cooks keen on introducing extra flavour to their food, and suitable for anyone nervous of the mouth-burning nature of chillies.

Approximate heat level: 700 SHU

Coffee Bean (Capsicum chinense)

Sea Springs Seeds - Coffee beans - Image © Sea Spring Seeds

Coffee beans

The tiny, round fruit of this variety measure 9 to10 mm in diameter and have a powerful fruity aroma. They mature from green to bright orange and eventually red, reminiscent of ripe coffee beans. The plants are short and busy and can grow unsupported in both small and large pots.

Approximate heat level: 77,000 SHU

Pumpkin (Capsicum chinense)

Sea Springs Seeds - Pumpkin - Image © Sea Spring Seeds


This appropriately-named variety produces pumpkin-shaped fruit that measure 20mm in diameter. The fruit mature from dark green to orange, and have a strong habanero flavour when ripe. The plants are somewhat prostrate with spreading branches that are laden with fruit. They do well unsupported in large pots, growbags or the ground.

Approximate heat level: 73,000 SHU

Turtle Claw (Capsicum chinense)

Sea Springs Seeds - Turtle Claw - Image © Sea Spring Seeds

Turtle Claw

The twisted, knobbly fruit of this variety measure about 9.5 x 38 mm, and mature from light green to pastel yellow. The very hot fruit are a distinctive mix of habanero and lemon flavours. The plants are very productive and have a bushy growth habit that makes them ideal for growing in pots. Flavourful, productive and compact, this is one of our favourite habaneros.

Approximate heat level: 96,000 SHU

Stumpy (Capsicum annuum)

Sea Springs Seeds - Stumpy - Image © Sea Spring Seeds


We named this variety Stumpy because of its diminutive size. The wedge-shaped, upright fruit are about 30mm long and produced above the foliage in bunches. They are medium hot, and turn from yellow to orange and red as they mature. Because of their small stature and compact growth habit, the plants do especially well in small pots and are ideally suited for windowsill growing.

Approximate heat level: 27,000 SHU

Rooster Spur (Capsicum annuum)

Sea Springs Seeds - Rooster spur - Image © Sea Spring Seeds

Rooster spur

We have been growing Rooster Spur on and off since the early 1990s and have always been impressed by the huge number of fruit it produces: in 2010, for example, we harvested over 2000 mature fruit from a single plant. The fruit are thin and short (about 4.5x 20mm) and very hot, turning from green to red as they ripen. Rooster Spur is quite late to mature for a C. annuum, and may not reach its full potential in northern Britain. Plants have very small leaves and a bushy growth habit that needs no support. This variety is perfectly adapted to containers, growing equally well in small 13cm pots and larger 30cm ones: the plants just get bigger and bear more fruit as the pots get larger.

Approximate heat level: 170,000 SHU

All the images in this article are © Sea Spring Seeds

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