The Capsaicin Ban – EC Regulation No 1334/2008

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Regulation No 1334/2008 on the flavouring and certain food ingredients with flavouring properties” was issued on the 16th December 2008, it is 17 pages long and covers lots of chemical compounds most of us have never hear about before.

16 Million Pure Capsaicin Crystal

16 Million Pure Capsaicin Crystal

The important part is a ban for us is on Capsaicin as an additive to foods, there has been a bit of a debate as to what this covers, many like us expected it just to cover pure capsaicin extract, but Stuart from Hot-Headz has been trying to get this clarified, and the advice he is getting is any product extracted/purified from a natural product that contains Capsaicin would be effected.

So if you use just pure naga puree, you are OK as this puree would not contain more Capsaicin than the original products. The advice Stuart received said that there is a grace period for products manufactured before 20th January 2011, these can continue to be sold until the Best Before Date is reached.

If this advice is correct this would affect lots of other products not just hot sauces, you often see Paprika extract in crisps and snack products.

This ban would seem on the face of it to be ridiculous, but would you now risk importing products that contain extract or the extract its self, the industry need this further clarified and that could be expensive.

On the plus side the UK has produced three of the hottest chillies in the world, the Dorset Naga, the Infinity Chilli and the Naga Viper, what a good time to start marketing these, with Scoville ratings over 1M each theses chillies can make sauces that will make a grown man cry (me included).

Stuart says he has enough stock of his Super Hot extract sauces to last a couple of months, and after that there will be no more, while they have been a interesting products to sell the volume has always been in the natural chilli products

We will keep you all up to date as we learn any more about how this will effect UK manufacturers of Hot Sauces and Chilli Snacks

You can download a copy of the regulation here

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