HOT NEWS – EU BAN Capsaicin as additive in foods

by Hot Juan on January 18, 2011 · 0 comments

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This ban comes into force from as soon as the 20th January 2011, it seems to cover all chilli extracts for use in food products across the EU.

Does this mean an end to all Capsaicin extract based hot sauces for EU countries?

More information to follow later today, including  a copy of the EU Regulation.

Please note this ban covers lots of food additives, most of which we have no idea they existed, some are just maximum level bans, while 15 products get a complete ban.

“Substances which shall not be add as such to food” to quote the directive included:-

We will be publishing more on this story as the soon as we have spoken to some of the UK suppliers and manufacturers.

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