Darth Naga attempts ChilliPepperPete’s NAGALOO Curry Sauce

by Darth Naga on January 17, 2011 · 4 comments

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ChilliPepperPete Nagaloo Curry Sauce

ChilliPepperPete Nagaloo Curry Sauce

Okay…where do I start with this one? As some of you may or may not know I was/am a qualified chef, I worked as a chef for 4 years before I became a PC engineer and professional nutcase! So the product I’m reviewing today requires me to actually cook this product before I eat it, so what i’m gonna do is write what it looks like, then go off and cook it then come back and give my verdict! How does that sound? good good! Lets crack on then shall we?

Ingredients: Tomatoes, Pineapple Juice, Onions, Vinegar, Naga Raja Mirch Chilli, Aleppo, Pepper, CPP Spanish Naga(fresh), Potato, Carrot, Peas, Spices, Herbs, Garlic, Sugar.

Review jar kindly supplied by www.chillipepperpete.com

Sooo here we have it, my first review where I actually have to cook, now I will try and take photo’s of the cooking process but don’t be surprised if they turn out crap! Today I’m going to be making a prawn curry using CPP’s new “Nagaloo” curry sauce! On the jar it states: “Add to meat, fish or vegetables” so I am literally going to do that, i’m adding this jar to a load of coldwater prawns and cooking it for about 15-20 minutes so its nice and hot (in more ways than one knowing Pete!!) and scrafing that down with some rice and a nice glass of milk!

Darth Naga makes his Prawn Nagaloo

Darth Naga makes his Prawn Nagaloo

Now when you grab a jar of this yourself you’ll see that its extremely generous in its size, at 450ml its a nice size jar that should easily do a curry for two, or two curries for one person, if you’re a lonely bastard like me! 😀 (Mr’s Naga is on her way to Johannesburg as we speak) but don’t be surprised if you have to “water” it down with some tinned tomatoes as Pete has said on his site: “This is a sauce as apposed to a paste but I’d be suprised if you use the whole jar for one curry and can actually eat it..So should last a while.”

NOW THERES A CHALLENGE IF I EVER SAW ONE!! The jar itself is VERY colourful and if it were’nt for the comedy bloke breathing flames on the front and the attention to detail in the name and such I don’t think this would look out of place on the shelves at a supermarket..OH except for the fact that supermarket sauce labels look shite!

Right lemme just twist the lid off and give it the once over before I bugger off to cook it..*pops the lid* wow, this really does look like a meal in a jar!! There are plenty of chunks of veg and chilli in this sauce and the smell is amazing, a very savoury smell that I really like, its making my mouth water!! The sauce itself is a deep red and look awesome…right off I go!!! *dashes off to kitchen*

Okay…*catches breath* I just cooked, prepared and tried to eat this curry…I could’nt do it, its simply too hot. The sauce itself is a fantastically flavoured boatride to tastebud heaven…but the heat is a swift kick in the plums from hell!! Its not a heat that made me hiccup but its a heat that simply burns too much to keep eating, the more you eat the more it burns, its like licking the sun and for me the pain was too much and I gave in, in fact if i’m brutally honest it was only the flavour that kept me eating it past 5 spoonfuls, I got to 10 and I was done.

There were nice chunks of potato and chilli and carrot in it too, it was pretty awesome! So there you have it, a curry that really is fookin mental, in fact its the hottest curry i’ve ever eaten and I reckon everyone should give this a go!! Its £5 for a 450ml jar from www.chillipepperpete.com and I would take heed of Petes recommendation of mixing a spoon or two into a curry to give it heat..using it on its own as the curry sauce is asking for trouble!!

Until next time my chilli padawanz, may the sauce be with you, always!!


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avatar Habanero.cz May 28, 2011 at 1:20 pm

I just tried the same, but with chicken and after the little inferno I found this article and lauged a lot. I had the same experience. Great taste, but hotness was so big.
Should I read it before maybe I save some and made it from lesser amount 🙂
Continue those great reviews.
Thanks from Czech Republic.


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