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Spicymonkey Shitto

Spicymonkey Shitto

Here we are again, with another quality product from the talented minds over at www.spicymonkey.co.uk, this one has a rather interesting name as well, and if you did-….what?? you’ve not heard of SpicyMonkey???!!! then go read my review on their “Ninja Monkey” sauce and get your arse back here when you’re done, the rest of us will carry on for now!

Ingredients: Smoked chilli, smoked fish, onion, lemon, vinegar, salt, spices.

(Review sample kindly supplied [direct so no photographs] by www.spicymonkey.co.uk)

Now something that alot of my readers don’t know is that I’m what you call a “Pescetarian” meaning that I don’t eat meat or poultry but I do eat fish, and as such this is one of the reasons that I LOVE Spicymonkey’s “Shitto”! Its a sauce made with both smoked fish AND smoked chilli and as such ticks at least 2 of my boxes. As always this one comes in a 100G jar that bears the spicymonkey logo along with a picture of a crazy, wild-eyed monkey holding up a giant chilli, it also points out that this is a Ghanaian hot sauce.

Shitto for those that don’t know is based on the Spicymonkeys trip to Ghana, where they have a traditional sauce called “Shito” (pronounced Shee-toe) that is made from dried fish and chilli among other ingredients.

Spicymonkeys “Shitto” is a dark reddy brown in colour with some seeds visible, the texture is a little grainy but its a pleasant sort of grainy, not gritty at all! When I twisted off the lid and had a sniff the amazing smell of fish and smoked chilli hit me hard and this got me a little excited, so i grabbed my tasting spoon and dug in, spreading the sauce on my tongue and savouring the flavour as best i could.

The fish flavour was immediately obvious, as was the warmth of the smoked chilli and the subtle bite from the lemon, the heat was nothing mental but it wasn’t cold either, I could feel a warm burning sensation across the back of my tongue and throat as I continued to devour spoonful after spoonful and before i knew it I was halfway through the jar!!

This is one condiment I shall be putting on more of my food I think, I have a feeling it will go especially well spooned over chips, or mixed with a little mayo to use as a dip! Sicymonkey themselves recommend using it as an addition to stews, or mixing it with yoghurt to use as a marinade, I agree and at only £3.65 from www.spicymonkey.co.uk for a 100G jar that contains about 12 portions, I think this is one that will be in my fridge for a while!

So there you have it folks, not every nice hot sauce has to contain chilli and tomatoes!! Until next time my chile padawanz, may the sauce be with you!!


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