New Chilli varieties from Sea Spring Seeds

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Joy Michaud at Sea Springs Seeds is launching a lots of new Chilli varieties this year, she has sent us some descriptions and pictures, the following are a result of their own breeding programme.

Cheeky (Capsicum chinense)

Sea Springs Seeds - Cheeky - Image © Sea Spring Seeds


Our own selection from the Ghanaian land race kpakpo shito, the small, roundish fruit are about 20mm in diameter and change from lime green to orange to red as they mature. They are very hot, and their deep lobes make them look somewhat like the cheeks of a bum, hence the name. The plants are a tidy bush and can grow unsupported, making them perfectly suited for small or large pots and grow bags.

Approximate heat level: 70,000 SHU

Pettie Belle (Capsicum chinense)

Sea Springs Seeds - Pettie Belle - Image © Sea Spring Seeds

Pettie Belle

A habanero chilli selected by Sea Spring Seeds from the kpakpo shito landrace of Ghana. A high proportion of the small fruit (about 25mm in diameter) are bell-shaped, making this variety possibly the smallest bell pepper in the world. They are hot, but measuring around 37,500 SHUs they are still one of our milder habaneros. The medium tall, bushy plants can be gown in the ground or larger pots, though they will need support to stay upright. Worth growing for its novelty value alone.

Approximate heat level: 37, 500 SHU

Trinity (Capsicum chinense)

Sea Springs Seeds - Trinity - Image © Sea Spring Seeds


The deeply grooved fruit of this variety are quite erratic in shape and size, but can be as large as as 30 x 65 mm. They turn from lime green to red as they ripen and, as with other habaneros, are distinguished by a likable fruity aroma that adds a distinctive flavour to salsas and chilli sauces. They are not, however, overly hot,and are more manageable in the kitchen than other habaneros. The medium-sized, spreading plants are absolutely laden with fruit, and need support to stay upright.

Approximate heat level: 40,000 SHU

Fairy Lights (Capsicum annuum)

Sea Springs Seeds - fairy-lights - Image © Sea Spring Seeds

Fairy Lights

A stunning example of chillies at their most colourful, Fairy Lights is a selection we made from the ornamental variety NuMex Twilight. The plants have purple-tinged leaves matched by bright purple flowers that develop into small, cone-shaped fruit measuring about 12 x 25 mm. These put on a dramatic display of colours as they turn from luminescent purple to orange then red. The fruit are not only attractive, they are also hot. The spreading, bushy plants are quite short, and will grow unsupported both in containers and in the ground.

Approximate heat level: 47,000 SHU

Sparkler (Capsicum annuum)

Sea Springs Seeds - Sparkler - Image © Sea Spring Seeds


A result of an accidental cross in our tunnels, these very attractive, small, compact plants produce elongated, pointed fruit that are 30 to 35mm in length. The fruit are remarkably hot and grow upright above the foliage, changing from pastel yellow to orange to red as they mature. Though somewhat late to ripen, Sparkler has the potential to yield masses of fruit, and is ideal for growing in both small and large pots. A true edible ornamental.
Approximate heat level: 160,000 SHU

All the images in this article are © Sea Spring Seeds

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