Fire Foods – Fire Horse Mustard

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Oddly I was expecting mustard or chillies to be the first ingredients, not Horseradish… but then I felt a bit stupid. I was reading the label as a mustard, that while that is how you use it, it combines Chillies (Fire) Horseradish (Horse) and Mustard..

Fire Foods - Fire Horse Mustard

Fire Foods - Fire Horse Mustard

This mustard comes in a squat black plastic 175ml jar with a bright red lid, this should be some kind of warning to mortals about the possible heat enclosed, especially as this come from the company that produced the infinity chilli.

On opening the jar, inside is what looks like a whole grain mustard with lots of brown mustard seeds visible, but there is also a light yellow paste around them, I can smell the Horseradish and mustard, both of which are flavours I love.

The mustard seeds seem to pop as I take the mustard off the spoon with my tongue, then the horseradish, and finally the chilli makes it assault on my taste buds, this stuff is cosmic, time for another spoonful and it does not disappoint, all the flavours from the Mustard, Horseradish and Chillies work so well together, the chilli has not been overdone the balance is about perfect.

Ingredients: Water, Horseradish, Vegetable Oil, Turnip, Mustard Seeds, Vinegar, Chilli, Pasteurised Egg Yolk, Mustard Flour, Salt, Xantham Gum, Glucose Syrup.

Product kindly supplied by Fire Foods

I like the jar as it is a little bit different with its red lid, but when I have shown this to others, they comment that it looks a little too much like a makeup jar, and does not show off the product as well as a glass jar, but having said that, if you get to taste this mustard, it speaks for itself, cannot wait for Sundays roast beef and Yorkshires..


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