The Chilli Pepper Company – Organic Dark Chilli Chocolate

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This Chocolate comes in the new style Chilli Pepper Company style, the wrapper is plastered with logo’s so you know this is “Made with 100% renewable energy”, “Nut Free”, “Vegan” and “Vegetarian Society Approved” so that is all good!

The Chilli Pepper Company – Organic Dark Chilli Chocolate

The Chilli Pepper Company – Organic Dark Chilli Chocolate

Inside the wrappers the chocolate has a nice shine to the surface, and has that reassuring crack when you break it in to pieces, even before I taste this I can tell care has been taken in tempering the chocolate, the selecting of quality ingredients.

I place a piece of the chocolate in my mouth and let it melt on my tongue, there are not course lumps it melts smoothly with the creamy taste of the chocolate and flavours from the chilli warm and excite by taste buds.

Ingredients:- Organic Cocoa Mass, Organic Raw Sugar, Organic Cocoa Butter, Emulsifier (Sunflower Lecithin), Organic Chilli.

This bar of chocolate was provided by The Chilli Pepper Company.

There is no big band of heat here, this is a not trying to make a statement about how hot a chilli chocolate can be made and still set. This is a delight to eat, but probably not doing my diet much good.

We are very lucky in the UK the quality of the chocolate we get has risen greatly over the last few years, no longer do we seem to get cheap chocolate wax like products, but instead we are seeing a quality chocolate sold in specialist retailers on the high street and companies like The Chilli Pepper Company are able to get quality products made like this for us to enjoy.


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