Pleasure and Pain Smokin’ Scotch Bonnet & Mustard Hot Sauce

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Pleasure and Pain Smokin’ Scotch Bonnet & Mustard Hot Sauce

Pleasure and Pain Smokin’ Scotch Bonnet & Mustard Hot Sauce

I like the look of this sauce, the bottle is not the same as the rest, the label is a bit of fun, and it made me look up a new ingredient.

So I hear you ask as I did what is an “Echalion Shallot”… well the simple answer is that it is a kind of cross between an Onion and a Shallot, they are also know as a Banana Shallot. They are seasonal in the UK and our local crop should be available between September and May.

After that short interlude, lets get back to the sauce, it is dark red in colour with small pieces of ingredients floating in the mix, it is not a thickened sauce and so relies on the ingredients for its texture.

I was not expecting to be able to smell orange when I opened the bottle, but combined with the Bonnets and the vinegars there it was a define rich smell of oranges.  Again when tasting the sauce there is the bang of the bonnets hitting my tongue, and then overtones of the orange and shallot.

This is a very unusual sauce, completely unique to me,  it takes a few seconds to decide, but I really do like this, it is a bit like the orange in an chocolate orange, after the first slice you just cannot stop eating it, or in this case spooning it out the bottle.

Ingredients: Scotch Bonnets (20%), Echalion Shallots, Cider Vinegar, Red Wine Vinegar, Oranges, Water, Garlic, Malt Vinegar, Chipotles, Yellow Mustard Seeds (3.33%), Salt, Citric Acid, Vegetable Oil

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Apart from spooning this out the bottle, what would I use this sauce with…. well it would go well with goose or duck, the orange and vinegars would cut into the fatty meat well and the fruity heat from the bonnets would not dull the flavours of the meat.

But after all that, the best thing seems to be just spooning it out of the bottle or dipping crisps in it and enjoying life.


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