Hot Headz – Who Dares Burns Naga Mustard Sauce

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HAPPY NEW YEAR MY LIL CHILE PADWANZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ how was yours? Mine was spent eating hot coals and shitting flames obviously! Actually mine was relatively mild as I have’nt eaten anything chilli related in a while..soooo I decided it was high time to break myself back in, and what better way to do it than with the sauce i have for review today!

Hot Headz - Who Dares Burns Naga Mustard Sauce

Hot Headz - Who Dares Burns Naga Mustard Sauce

Hot-Headz is a company we all know and love by now, if not then do a search for “hot-headz” in our little box up there on the right and i’ll see you back here in a bit, OOOH make sure you watch the Hot-Headz “Meet your maker” episode to get a good feel for em 🙂

Back yet? okay good, lets get on with this review then eh?

Ingredients: Water, roasted crushed Habanero chillies, Naga Jolokia Chillies (20%), mustard powder, onion, sugar, salt, corn starch, acetic acid, turmeric, basil, thyme, oregano and rosemary powders.

(Review bottle kindly supplied by

Okay, I dunno how many of my chilefanz know this, but I am a BIG lover of Chipotle.. I’m also a HUGE lover of mustard, all types of mustard and mustard based sauces really do tickle me, I love em! So imagine my surprise when Hot-Headz decided to bring out their own mustard based sauce to compete in what I beleieve to be a niche market! “Who dares burns: Naga mustard sauce” is their flagship mustard sauce that was so good, Stu over at Hot-Headz decided to adorn it with the “Who Dares Burns” (henceforth known as WDB) moniker, and only the hottest sauces carry that label, so at this point I was a little wary.

The bottle itself is an industry standard 150ml bottle, proudly emblazoned with the WDB 2010 logo and the name of the sauce itself, this one is one of three WDB special editions known as “The Naga Series”, the label is typical of Hot-Headz high quality rebranding and as such makes the bottle stand out perfectly among my other sauces. The sauce inside is obviously yellow but with flecks of green, red, white and black running through it, making it very multicoloured and attractive visually, enough talking i want to try this sauce NOW!!!

I twisted off the cap and gave it the olfactory once over, the unmistakeable smell of mustard was there, joined by the habanero also making a very mouthwatering scent, now for the tasting! I poured some out onto my tasting spoon and straight onto my tongue it went, giving it a swish for good measure.

WOW!! The flavour hit me almost as hard as the burn, the habanero in this was instantly noticeable as was the Naga and the sauce gave me a pleasant aftertaste reminiscent of cumberland sausages, the heat was more than adequate, in fact I had to reach for the milk as I broke out in a bit of a sweat, the texture was quite chunky but this worked in the sauces flavour as there was more body to it, fantastic!

I personally recommend ANYBODY who likes Mustard to give this a go, and Chile padawanz, this sauce is one that definitely belongs in your collection, be aware though, you may go through it a bit quickly due to the flavour, but at only £3.99 a bottle over at its not exactly going to break the bank!!

So there you have it, first review of the year down, and many more to come I hope! Please keep reading the Chilefoundry On-line Magazine, and make sure you go to our youtube page too over at to see all our video reviews and interviews from 2009 and 2010, and obviously 2011’s vids will be there too soon 😉

Until next time my chile padawanz, may the sauce be with you, always!!!


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