Simple & Quick Recipe for: Chilli Pepper Tequila

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Olmeca Tequila

Olmeca Tequila - may be a bit to good for this!

This is something a little different to do with that bottle of Tequila you have from that holiday you have almost forgotten.

You have probably tried Chilli Vodka, this has much more flavour from the original spirit. I like mine with tonic, and a slice of lime served over ice.

1 Bottle Tequila
1 Fresh Chilli (Recommend Habanero, or Scotch Bonnet)

Remove the stem from the chilli and cut in to quarters lengthways, then carefully push them in to the bottle and down in to the Tequila.

You can leave the bottle as long as you like for the chilli to impart is flavour and heat, but after a few days/weeks have a taste and when you feel it is hot enough, remove the pieces of chilli, else you can just leave them in the bottle, it is atleast better than finding a worm in the bottle ;-0

You can also use dried chillies to make this. JalapeƱos or Serrano chillies impart a milder heat and add a great flavour or try Ancho or Mulato they will impart more flavour/colour than heat. If you are using dried chillies de-stem them and slice them up to expose the insides, you will need 2 to 4 dried chillies per bottle dependent on their size.
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