Volcano Chilli – BBQ Lava

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Volcano Chilli - BBQ Lava

Volcano Chilli - BBQ Lava

Volcano Chilli is the brain child of Rosie and Chris Jagger, who started selling Chilli Products in Lincoln’s Central Market, as they could not find anywhere they could buy quality chilli products locally.

They have now started making their own, this is the first product from them we have reviewed, I did get a sneaky taste last year at the Brighton Chilli Festival, but the product has been improved and developed on since then.

This smells rich with Sun Dried Tomatoes and hints of Garlic then a little smoke from the Chipotles, it is also a  great spreadable consistency, idea of plastering on Chicken legs/thighs or across a burger, and not just when its BBQ weather, anytime is good.

Ingredients: Sun Dried Tomato, Onion, Garlic, Chipotle Chilli, Cider Vinegar, Tomato Paste, Chopped Tomato, Soy Sauce, Demarara Sugar, Olive Oil, Salt.

The taste is a beautiful concoction, with the main ingredients each adding to the overall flavour with out overpowering the others, as it should be for a  BBQ Sauce this is not an extremely hot product, the Chipotles add their smokiness as well as some heat, but this does not again dominate but adds to the whole experience a smooth warming finish.

Rosie and Chris could have a real winner on their hands, they have used top-notch ingredients and it shows in the quality of the product, this won’t last till BBQ season around here, I can already see it as a dip, spread and even just for eating directly out the jar..


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