ChilliPepperPete – Smokin’ Pear & Chipotle Jam

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ChilliPepperPete  Smokin' Pear & Chipotle Jam

ChilliPepperPete Smokin' Pear & Chipotle Jam

ChilliPepperPete is a growing concern, and their range and web site is expanding all the time, Pete has a wealth of recipes from his travels and a very creative mind when creating his own.

If you are expecting a set sweet breakfast style jam, this may not be for you, while this Jam spreads well it, if it was in a 5 oz bottle, I would be calling it a sauce!

On opening the smell is mainly from the Chipotles, which just in case you did not know are Jalapeños ripened until red and then dried and preserved by smoking, the taste also comes initially from the Chipotles with the Pears adding a sweet slighty sticky after-taste.

I love Chipotles and this Jam is very tasty, these is a slight coarseness to the texture with the odd piece of Chipotle flesh suspended in the mix, this coarseness brings to mind the feel of fresh pears on my tongue.

Ingredients: Pears, Bramley Apples, Chipotle, Sugar, Onions

I have used this in a cold Turkey sandwich and sweetness and flavour of the pears comes out perfectly, this is making a very good replacement for a pickle, but without lumps.

We have a few parties coming up and if this jar does not get eaten beforehand I will introduce a few more people to its delights.

For more information and to browse the range visit


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