Gringley Gringo’s – Gringo Macho

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Gringley Gringo's - Gringo Macho

Gringley Gringo's - Gringo Macho

BRRRRRrrrrr the nights are getting longer and the days are getting cold, right guys?? Whats the BEST way you can think of to keep warm?? nooo..not that, CHILLI!!! Thats right, the lovingly crafted chilli products that get made around the world are one of the best ways to raise the temperature and get warm so lets start the winter off nicely with a HOT chilli sauce!

Gringley Gringo” is a company owned by Debby and Sarah based in an old Victorian cottage in Nottinghamshire, they took ownership of the company a little over 2 years ago and have been producing sauces, pickles, chutneys and oils among other things, if you would like some insight onto other products they have then have a read of Hot Juans previous reviews of “Gringley Tingley” and “Jalapeno sweet chilli sauce”.

Ingredients: Water, Dorset naga chillis (25%), carrots, onion, distilled malt vinegar, cider vinegar, lime juice, sea salt.

(review bottle kindly supplied by

Soooo as you can see from the list, salt is the last item, which is good news, but water is the first item, which I find worrying as it could mean the sauce is watery..lets have a look.

“Gringo Macho” as this sauce is known, is Gringley Gringo’s (from here on known as GG) hottest sauce they have, and as such i am expecting big things from this one, the label is enough to scare the pants off any chilli head, with a simple and straightforward black/white/yellow colour scheme coupled with a couple of official looking warning signs about the severe heat of this product!

The sauce inside is of an orangey red colour with bits of red chilli flesh and seeds suspended throughout, I suspect the orangey colour comes from the carrots, seeing as they are quite high on the list, the sauce itself is not as watery as i had feared and pouring it onto my tasting spoon i soon noticed that it was a pourable but chunky sauce, giving it a quick sniff i could immediately smell the Naga, carrot and malt vinegar and as such my hopes for this sauce were high, down the hatch it went!!
Swishing it round my mouth, my nose crinkled up slightly, the sauce was quite chunky as i had though, and the heat level was high, setting the back of my mouth and throat on fire…but the taste really lets this sauce down. The carrot and onions lend themselves brilliantly well to the malt vinegar, but the bitter, over perfumed taste of the dorset naga overpowered the other flavours and left a bad taste in my mouth, which is a shame as the other flavours in this sauce work very well.

This sauce is suited to anyone who likes the Dorset Naga, i’m not a fan of that particular pepper for reasons mentioned before, its bitter and has a perfumed taste which does’nt sit well with me BUT for anyone who likes the flavour of the Dorset Naga, this sauce is perfect for you and you can buy a bottle from for a mere £5.50!!

Until next time we meet my chilli padawanz, may the sauce be with you!!


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