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Good day my loyal chile padawanz, how the devil are you all today?? Good? Glad to hear it people, i am here today to bring you another fine review of a sauce and this one comes from a fusion of english and indian heritage, which makes for a pretty interesting sauce let me tell you!!

St. John and Dolly Smith's - Old Nick

St. John and Dolly Smith's - Old Nick

The company “St. John and Dolly Smith’s” started back in 2001 when its creator Chris Smith was in a friends kitchenware shop and got engadged in conversation with a couple of ladies who knew his parents and the amazing pickles they used to make for the school reunions where Chris’s father taught for many years. The husband of one of the ladies was the son of Chris’ mothers best friends and he told Chris that the reunions were’nt the same since Chris’ parents had passed on and without his parents and the amazing pickles they brought with them.

Incensed with an oppertunity to try and help these people he began using his grandmothers recipes as they were the same his parents had used and made the pickle these people wanted so badly, and it all kinda went from there…

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Ingredients: Scotch Bonnet chillies, vinegar, ginger, garlic, sugar, salt.

(Review bottle generously supplied by

I looked upon this bottle with some surprise as i was’nt sure how the ingredients listed on the bottle would work together, sure i’ve had sauces that use garlic, and sauces that use ginger…but never together?? I’ve always considered ginger to be a sweet substance and garlic to be savoury, but i hoped “Old Nick” would put me on the voyage to flavour discovery.

It all starts with the awesome looking bottle, which is unlike ANY other bottle on the market today, i have never seen another chilli based prduct using this unique bottle, you may not be able to tell from the pic, but its Hexagonal on the bottom and sides leading up almost sealessly into a rounded neck and this lends itself well to the lable, which i suspect is made to look olde worlde so as to honour his parents, with a photo of the two of them and the name of the sauce, along with a couple of award stickers, this makes for a very tidy presentation and one that Chris is clearly proud of! (he has one both a Great taste award in 2005 and a fiery foods award in 2008 for this sauce!!)

The sauce inside is very thick, chunky and deep red in colour with very obvious seeds floating in the mixture, the look of the sauce alone should give most people a very good indication of the heat level of this one, i think its going to be hot and thus i prepare myself for this as i get some of this lovely stuff onto my tasting spoon. After twisting off the cap and pouring some onto my spoon i can immediately note the smell of the garlic and ginger above all else, even the scotch bonnets are masked by this..which lulls me into a false sense of security as i place the spoon into my mouth and swirl the sauce round a little.

An immediate garlicky gingery sweetness hit my mouth followed rather rapidly by a somewhat surprising punch of heat from the scotch bonnett peppers, a couple of hiccups later and i wanted to replay the experience and so i took another spoonful, the flavours were strange but worked very well together, the sweetness was definitely a large part of it but then the savouryness of the garlic coupled with the heat of the peppers totally changed the aftertaste of the sauce, it was nothing short of awesome!!

As you all know i am not a fan of sweet sauces by a long shot, but this seems to fuse the sweet and savoury very well then follow it up with a strong tongue burn that lasts for awhile before subsiding to a warm ache after about 5 mins, a very nice feeling and one that brings the endorphins in relatively quickly!

The price of this in comparison to the amount you get is by far one of the BEST value for money sauces i have ever seen, its only £6 for a 250ML bottle!! 250ml!!!! thats about 100ml more than most other sauces out there, so its well worth the pound for burn ratio LOL! You can grab this sauce from Chris’ own site there is also a page there that lists stockists around the UK so you might be lucky enough to find a shop near you that sells this awesome stuff!!

Thats it for now, so till next time my chilli fanz, may the sauce be with you, always!!!


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