Chilli Pepper Pete’s – Naga Blue Headhunter

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Chilli Pepper Pete's - Naga Blue Headhunter

Chilli Pepper Pete's - Naga Blue Headhunter

Word up me chilli brethren!! Its Darth Naga here again with another sauce review, this time its one from the grand old wizard of the chilli world, Chilli Pepper Pete!! Now i know its been a while since i reviewed a CPP sauce, but incase you have forgotten what he looks like or even who he is (doubtful!) then just type “Chilli Pepper Pete” into that search box up there in the right hand top corner, come back when you’ve had a refresher course…
….Back? good stuff!! lets get on with the bloody review then!!

Ingredients: Grapefruit, Onions, Vinegar, Naga Bih Jolokia, Green Bell Pepper, Jalapeno, Spices, Sugar, Lime Extract, Salt.

(Review bottle kindly supplied by

As per usual with all the CPP sauces, “Naga Blue Headhunter” is all natural and contains no preservatives, the sauces are literally as fresh out of the bottle as the days they were made!

As far as labels go, Pete’s been doing this so long he has got this shit down to a fine art, his labels are always colourful, high quality affairs and this one is no different. The headhunter logo is present, along with some flames and the name of the sauce on a blue banner against a green background. The bottle is industry standard and the sauce inside is a beautiful garden pea green colour, with flecks os white and black throughout.

I twisted off the cap and gave this sauce the standard snout sniff, and as suspected the smell of Naga was certainly potent, the hint of lime and jalapeno was also noted as I poured this stuff onto my spoon, the texture being both chunky and smooth, I lifted the spoon and placed the sauce on my tongue, savouring the flavours for a second before swallowing it down.

As suspected the limes and Naga immediately made themselves known and then drop back to give way to undertones of coriander..interesting combination but one that definitely works for me!!

Pete calls this a “Spicy pesto to burn away the blues” and honestly? I would probably have to agree with him, something about this sauce tastes right, VERY VERY right and I cannot put it down, since opening it 2 days ago i am already halfway through the bottle, the flavours are so complex but work so well on all sorts, I had it on hot buttered toast last night and on my beans on toast tonight, it was fookin awesome!!

The heat is instant too, not over the top hot but hot enough for most chilli headz and possibly too hot for novices (but don’t let that put you off!!) it lingers on the lips and tip of the tongue for awhile and builds as you feed it more sauce, LOL! If you fancy a sauce that is totally different to any other sauces you have tried then give this a whirl, you can’t go wrong at £4 a bottle over at or just pop into the brighton marina Fiery Foods shop the next time you are in Brighton, and say hi to Pete for me would ya??

Until next time my fiery palz, have a good one and may the sauce be with you!!


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