Cambridge Chilli Farm’s Nagalade

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Cambridge Chilli Farm's Nagalade

Cambridge Chilli Farm's Nagalade

Nagalade, sound yummy, I love Marmalade; I normally buy the thick cut, strong dark, Marmalade for my toast each morning, but this may sound like my favourite breakfast spread, but I suspect not.

Cambridge Chilli Farm describe this as an ”Extremely Fiery Jelly with shreds of Naga Chilli running through it”, as you can see below, it is not a complicated recipe, just 3 ingredients. Take note that there are no additional setting agents (The natural setting agents are coming from the Bramley apples), and this jelly is well set, with seeds and “shreds” or the Naga floating well in the mix.

Ingredients: Bramley Apples, Sugar, Naga Morich Peppers

Jar kindly supplied by the Cambridge Chilli Farm

On opening there is a nice sweet Naga smell, and on first taste there is a sweetness, but this is soon blown away by the taste and heat from the Naga’s, they have a sharp taste, it always reminds me of Cayenne/Habanero mix but much much hotter.

This is an intensely flavour product, and absolutely a must have for any chillihead, it is great on toast as a morning after pick me up, or how about with that cold turkey after Christmas.. almost cannot wait.

Tim tells us there are 3 shredded Naga Morich chillies per 110g jar which make this a preety good value at just £3.00 a jar. You can order online at or visit one of the many markets around Cambridge and try before you buy.


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