The Chilli Jam Man’s Ginger Chilli Jam

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The Chilli Jam Man is Simon Barrett and he is not a man to be played with, at a recent Chilli Eating Contest in Bristol, he munched his way end without breaking into a sweet (well maybe a little), so when he says it’s hot believe him..

The Chilli Jam Man's Ginger Chilli Jam

The Chilli Jam Man's Ginger Chilli Jam

I decided to review one of his milder Jam’s this time so selected his Ginger Chilli Jam, the new style labelling gives this a look that is full of warning signs, a black background, Red and Yellow text and a black lid, but on this jar the Hot-O-Meter only goes about half way…

Ingredients: Sugar, Tomatoes, Red Wine, Vinegar, Ginger (8.4%), Green Chillies Pepper (3.4%), Balsamic Vinegar (Wine Vinegar, Cooked Grape Must, Colour: Caramel) & Thai Fish Sauce (Anchovy Extract, Salt, Sugar)

The Jam is not a set consistency like a fruit jam, but is more like a fine relish, as I pop the lid I can smell the Ginger and Balsamic vinegar.

The taste is something that has to be experienced to be understood properly, but I will try to describe it, Initially it is sweet, then I can feel the ginger on my tougue, the red wine and balsamic vinegar follows on, but not as individual tastes, but all the ingredients combine to make truly awesome flavour, there is some heat, but nothing like some of his other jam’s, this is a gourmet product to savour.

Add it to stir-fry’s, spread it on warm toast with butter, however you use this it seems to just taste great, as I write this I cam eating it direct from the jar with a teaspoon, and half the jar has already gone, then I get an inspiration and I am off to the freezer for some ice-cream with Ginger Chilli Jam topping.. WOW that’s good!

This 210g jar costs £4.00 on-line, they are all hand made by Simon in small batched,  if you visit the web site you can find where you can find Simon aka The Chilli Jam Man and markets and events he is attending around the UK (But mostly in his home area of Yorkshire).


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