Matt Simpson’s Bonfire night goes with a Bang

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Matt Simpson's Local Butcher makes Chilli Sausages

Matt Simpson's Local Butcher makes Chilli Sausages

Well, we have a weekend of bonfire parties, so bangers are a must, but these ones won’t make your ears ring, or scare the cat, they’ll make your mouth water. Why, well its chilli, not gunpowder which gives them the ‘bang’.

A few years ago, I was, as I usually am left with plenty of left over chilli flesh, the by-product of producing chilli seeds, and I hate waste. Many friends pop by with the request for flesh for their homemade sauces, but I wanted some thing else, its all very well dipping a sausage into ahot sauce, but lets go a step further I thought, lets make the saussage hot. I must admit to being very disapointed with shop bought chilli sausages, actually I thought they were a bit of a joke to be honest. Suspecting they were little more than a marketing trick. So I set out to make my own.

It turned out to be very simple, I made a selection from various chillies which I thought had a good flavour, the first year I used the mildish cayenne ‘Portugal’, this was due to the party to which I took the sausages to have quite a few youngsters, and knew I wuld be in for some interable stick if I set the little rascals on fire, thankfully the following years have been child free, so more fun to be had with the mix. The first season did have the advantage of providing me with the oppertunity to experiemnt with the herbs, I wound up using half os a sachet of ‘herbs de provance’, from Julian Graves.

Now butchers tend to make up a set weight, which seems to vary between 7kilos and 10, depending on which you choose. Now sausage skins contain quite a bit of salt, so there is no need to add any, in fact I’d say avoid any salt in your mix. The butchers normally add some seasoning of their own, don’t worry, this won’t affect your sausages, but helps hold the mixture together. I add half of a Swchartz tube of crushed black pepper corns, along with the herbs mentioned earlier. All this goes into abowl, then add the chilli. In previous years I have used the aforementioned ‘Portugal’, but since then I have used my favourite Rocoto’s, that was a fun year, Rocoto and Dorset Naga sausages, that party certainly went with a bang. In previous years I have used the strongly flavoured but not too hot Jamaicn Hot Red, combined with mild Alma Paprika, and adding a few Trinidads habneros (just to jolly things up a bit).

Chillies, Herbs, Spices and the Meat

Chillies, Herbs, Spices and the Meat

This years recipe for a 7 klo mix will be

  • 10 Goat Horn Chillies
  • 5 Krimzon Lee Chillies
  • 5 Habanero Fruitburst
  • 5 Habanero Trinidad
  • 3 Rocoto Reds

The chillies will be chopped and loosely added to the herbs and black pepper, the whole lot then goes into a ziplock bag and its off to the butchers I go. The process of mixing in the mix and the meat will blend everything to perfection, it also crushes any seeds. Like fine game, the sausages need to hang for a few days before they are ready for the BBQ.

It may not sound to crazy in the heat dept, but the flavours will be nicely mixed, those not too keen on anything too hot will be able to enjoy themselves, and those that like it nearing nuclear can indulge in a salsa I plan to make with some of the Trinidad 7-Pots, (which for the second year running have scored over 1,000,000 Scoviles).

Now, I have to part with some money to the butcher for all of this, but every year they choose to buy some back so I’m not paying full wack, I understand they go like hot cakes, or should I say hot saussies…

I’ll write a report of the other chilli goodies I put together after the party. Thinking about a smoked paprika bread, hhmmm or should that be mmmm.

Matt Simpson and his family runs Simpson’s Seeds, they supply an excellent selection of Chilli, Tomato and other vegetable seeds and plug plants

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