Cambridge Chilli Farm’s Naga Napalm reviewed by Darth Naga

by Darth Naga on November 4, 2010 · 1 comment

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Cambridge Chilli Farm - Naga Napalm

Cambridge Chilli Farm - Naga Napalm

Word up my chilli padawanz, hows the world treating you these days?? having fully recovered from my interesting experience with the Naga viper chilli i am here again to tell you about a sauce that i have been eating alot of lately! This sauce comes from a guy who i have amet a few times now and i am slowly becoming firm friends with, his name is Tim. Tim owns the Cambridge Chilli Farm and runs an online shop of the same name over at

Hot Juan himself ran a piece on them back in February this year, in fact go read that first then come back here, go on off ya go —-> Click Here

Okay, done that?? good stuff, now you know about Tim and his chilli farm, lets learn a little more about one of his awesome sauces!!

Ingredients: Tomatoes, Red Onion, Naga Morich Peppers, Cider Vinegar, Red Bell Pepper, Lime Juice, Black Pepper, Salt.

(Review bottle kindly supplied by

As you can see above “Naga Napalm sauce” has only a small amount of ingredients, and no artificial colours or preservatives, so it scores pretty highly for natural flavours only already…BUT it does contain one ingredient that i have been at odds with before, the cider vinegar is something that MOST of the time just does’nt go with chilli’s, but lets see how it fared! The bottle itself is an industry standard 150ml bottle, and the label adorning this one if very simple and straightforward, its a yellow label with red writing and a skull and crossbones on it (no doubt to symbolise danger…or maybe it s a pirates sauce, who knows?).

Twisting off the cap I was greeted with a lime and tomato smell, coupled with a slight hint of naga pepper, the sauce flowed freely onto my tasting spoon but was not without its chunkiness, a lovely reddy brown in colour with the odd seed and fleck of black pepper suspended within.

I lifted the spoon to my mouth and eptied the contents onto my tongue, swirling it about a bit and trying to appreciate the flavours, immeditely I was hit with Tomato, Naga, Lime and Cider Vinegar…now usually that last part would have been a mark down, but in this case the cider vinegar seemed to work so well with the lime and tomato that the whole thing just seemed to gel quite well as a sauce, the heat level was a nice pure heat, no bitter extracts here sir!! It started nicely on the tongue and moved to the back of the throat where it sat quite happily, warming away and making me sweat ever so slightly!

If there was a bad thing to say about this sauce it would be that packaging is a little lackluster compared to more sauces in its heat range, that said this sauce has such a unique flavour that it does stand quite high in the natural naga sauce stakes! As a matter of fact I have recently been splashing this over most of the stuff I am eating, the all natural burn and tomatoey flavour seats this one high on my usability list and such won’t last long now that i’ve opened it (hint hint Tim 😉 ) You can grab a bottle of this for £3.70 over at and tell em Darth sent you!

Well that about wraps another review up chilli fanz, have a good one and don’t forget that i hope the sauce will be with you, always!!


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