Chilli Pepper Pete’s 2012 – The Sauce at the end of the world

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Chilli Pepper Pete's 2012 Hot Sauce

Chilli Pepper Pete's 2012 Hot Sauce

Okay…lets start this off with some interesting news..WE’RE ALL GONNA DIE IN 796 DAYS!!! well…we are if you believe in Mayan prophecy, personally i’m not sure what i believe but there are ALOT of people who believe that the world will end on December the 21 in the year 2012!

This due to that date being the end of a 5,125 year long cycle in the Mayan long count while some see that date a change in spiritual cycle, other nay saying bastards believe it to be the date of the apocalypse! One man stands among us to mock this date at the same time as celebrating it, by bringing us chileheadz a sauce to commemorate this date!!

Ingredients:Capsicum, Onions, Fruit Juice, Habanero, Smoked Bih Jolokia (dried), Fresh Jalapeno’s, Garlic, Sugar, 6.4mil SHU Extract.

(Review bottle kindly supplied by

I was looking through my review samples when i realised that i had’nt reviewed a CPP sauce in a long time, so i looked through the CPP ones and this one jumped out at me, so i grabbed said bottle and sat down with a spoon!

This sauce is simply called “2012 a sauce to die for” anyone who knows Pete knows full well that he likes to poke fun at alot of things when it comes to making sauces (just take a look at his website!) and this one is no different, obviously poking fun at the belief that the world will end in 2012 he has created this sauce so people can celebrate this fact!

With the belief being mayan it comes as no surprise that this sauce uses mexican limes and yucatan habanero’s as its base, then adding a few other bits to ramp the heat up a little, the label is one of CPP’s newer designs with the obligatory shruken head logo on the front and CPP’s tagline of “ifyouplaywithmeyouplaywithfire” (yes its ACTUALLY written that way!), now this is where i had a bit of trouble, but i’m sure someone will correct me if i am wrong! The background of the label is what appears to be a skull, to symbolise the whole death thing no doubt!

Upon twisting off the cap i immediately smelled the unmistakeable whiff of lime, garlic and Habs, no vinegar in this one! the consistency is somewhere between chunky and smooth, i say that because its neither really, it flows like a smooth sauce by has a chunky texture complete with seeds! I poured a bit out onto my tasting spoon and placed it in my mouth, swishing it round before swallowing..immediately i was hit by the fruity zesty lime flavour, coupled with the slightly fruity flavour most people get with a habanero, the heat then hit me, a definite all over tongue burn that was bold enough to announce its presence, but not so bold as to make me hiccup! I think pete is on to a winner with this one, it has a lovely flavour that is neither sweet nor savoury and i can imagine it would go well with alot of things, just this evening i splashed it on my fish and chips and the lime complimented the fish beautifully!

In fact if there was one bad thing i could say about this sauce it would be the slightly overly tangy flavour of the lime masking the smoked naga and garlic, but if citrus is your thing then this may well be the sauce for you!

You can grab a bottle of this over at for the bargain price of £4, and if any of you chilefanz fancy the journey, lets all meet at my place on December the 21 in 2012 with a bottle of this each and drink it while the apocalypse consumes us all!! Or we get bored waiting, whichever comes first!

Till next time my chile padawanz, may the sauce be with you, always!!


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