The Chilli Factory’s Hot Sweet Chilli Sauce Funnelweb Bite

by Al Apeno on October 17, 2010 · 0 comments

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The Chilli Factory’s Hot Sweet Chilli Sauce Funnelweb Bite

The Chilli Factory’s Hot Sweet Chilli Sauce Funnelweb Bite

This little fella sat at the back of the fridge for a couple weeks before I really took notice of it, I did try it before it got hidden behind a gaggle of other sauces but it didn’t jump out at me. The other night though, thumbing through the sauce shelf on the hunt for something different, my fingers happened upon this Aussie beaut’. Since that fateful night this sauce has seen a lot of plate time.

I think Chilli Factory are doing this sauce a dis-service by lumping it in with the Sweet Chilli crowd, I guess it is kind of ‘sweet chilli’ but there’s more going on here. There’s a load of herbs and spices that give it a savoury tone that opens this sauce up to a whole bunch of food that traditional Sweet chilli doesn’t go with (sausage and mash anyone?), I like it, its trying to do something different and I reckon it succeeds.

(This bottle kindly provided by Producers & Purveyors Limited)

If I had to find fault I’d say that the extra large neck on the bottle is completely unnecessary. It’s a runny sauce, there’s no way anyone is going to have problems getting this on the plate, if you really wanted you could probably empty the whole bottle in a couple of seconds, why make it so big? It is only going to cause problems for the over-eager pourer. That’s just me being fussy, I won’t let the bottle ruin a good sauce.

I know we usually post up the ingredients along with the review, I’m really sorry everyone but I had a couple of friends around for Sushi last weekend, I used it as the dipping sauce and we polished off the bottle, I think it must have been swept into the rubbish before I had time to copy off the ingredients, ooops! That’s proof of a good sauce if you ever needed one!


PS Just found ingredients on their website!

Ingredients: Water, Sugar, Chilli (20%), Vinegar, Garlic, Herbs & Spices, Salt, Xanthan Gum (415).

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