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by Darth Naga on September 27, 2010 · 2 comments

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Fire Foods Infinity Sauce

Fire Foods Infinity Sauce

Hi there my loyal chilli padawanz, hows ya weekend been? mine has been MANIC as per usual, but I found time to do a lil video review of a sauce that I have been eagerly awaiting ever since I tried the chilli its made from nearly a year ago! This sauce comes from a guy called Woody, who as most of you know owns a company called “Fire Foods” who are well known for doing very tasty but hotter than usual sauces, and todays sauce not only accomplishes that, it embodies it!!

Ingredients: Red wine vinegar, lime juice, infinity chilli’s.

(Review bottle kindly supplied by www.firefoods.co.uk)

Thats all there is to it folks, its 3 simple ingredients and yet “Infinity Sauce” could easily be the hottest natural chilli sauce in the UK..possibly the world! I recieved my bottle last week and decided that I would wait until the weekend to do the video review as I wasn’t sure if the consequences of this sauce would give me an uneasy night LOL.

Unwrapping the bottle I noted the packaging was a little plain really and not up to the usual firefoods standard a relatively lacklustre label on a normal glass bottle that just does’nt have the same oomph that Firefoods recently rebranded range has. I twisted off the cap and had a little sniff before I got the camera rolling and i could certainly smell the vinegar and the infinity chilli but as I like sauces that use vinegar I could only see this as a plus!

As the following video will show, I’m kinda glad i waited until the weekend as NOTHING could have prepared me for the experience you’re about to witness, keep in mind I haven’t done anything ultra hot for a while, I have been trying HOT stuff, just not ultra hot…so enjoy!

See???!!! That stuff is MENTAL! i’d recommend grabbing a bottle ASAP as its more of a limited edition sauce in my opinion seeing as the peppers it uses are very hard to grow and get hold of, even on www.firefoods.co.uk it states that the sauce will be made as and when the pods ripen and also when Woody has the courage!! So this could easily become a yearly sauce, so grab it NOW!! I think its an absolute bargain at only £7.50 for a 150ml bottle of this liquid AGONY which is well worth the money, especially since you should only use it in small quantities seeing as its heat level is above alot of extract based sauces!

So if you know whats good for you you’ll head on over to www.firefoods.co.uk and grab a bottle while you still can! Till next time my chilli fanz, may the sauce be with you!!


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