Darth Naga on Big Brothers Little Brother

by Darth Naga on September 24, 2010 · 0 comments

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Darth Naga at BBLB

Darth Naga at BBLB

Hi loyal chilefanz, its been awhile since you heard from me but rest assured I am still here toiling away at Chilefoundry’s Hampshire HQ! The last time I spoke to you guys was just before my appearence on “Big Brothers Little Brother” (hence forth known as BBLB), so let me tell you a little bit about that!

I got the call from Hot Juan on a wednesday evening asking me if i would give this guy over at BBLB a call, so i did and it turns out that they had rung Chillipepperpete and asked him to appear on the show to talk about chilli’s and such, problem was CPP was on holiday so he could’nt do it, he then passed the oppertunity onto Hot Juan who politely declined but instead put my name forward, they then rung me and asked if i would like to appear on the show!

I was quite taken aback by this and could’nt quite believe what i was hearing but i agreed to do the show as it was a great chance at some TV exposure for the Chilefoundry. On the following sunday i got myself and Mrs Naga down to elstree studios where i was greeted at the gate by a member of the crew, we were then ushered to the studio where i parked the Nagamobile and stepped out to be greeted by a sight i have wanted to see since 2001…the BIG BROTHER HOUSE!!!

The Big Brother House

The Big Brother House

There it was in all its glory, and for a few moments i was in awe, myself and Mrs Naga even went up on one of the podiums so i could have my pic taken in front of the BB house!

After all the excitement had finally settled i went inside the studio and waited in the green room before my rehearsal for the show, there i met a couple of male dancers, a reporter called Polly and one of the BB contestants from this year. After a short while i was asked to come for the rehearsal and so i went and sat on the stage next to George Lamb and we went through the questions and such, then i was asked to sign a waiver so that i would not swear or use brand names on air!

After all that i went back to the green room for a good hour before i was finally called on for my small screen debut, some lady came along and powdered my face and then i was ready for the show!! George Lamb turned up and we had a little laugh about the questions and chilli’s and stuff before we both got our cue and then the camera’s rolled…

Sorry to our UK readers, but C4 have blocked the video on youtube for UK users.

There you have it!! thats my lil 5 minutes of fame right there! I hope you enjoyed my recollection of the whole thing and that it did’nt bore you too much, back to our scheduled programming now people BRING ON THE HOT STUFF!!!

Until next time my lil chilli padawanz, may the sauce be with you, always!!
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