Simpsons Chilli Tastings 2010

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Simpsons Seeds this way

Simpsons Seeds this way

I have just returned from a Chilli Tasting at Simpsons Seeds near Horningsham, Wiltshire, where I got to taste some very interesting chillies, Matt Simpson from Simpsons Seeds organises these Chilli Tasting twice per year at their Walled Garden Nursery.

As a seed company, they don’t make sauces with added flavours, Matt is trying to get people to taste the actual flavours offered by these varieties raw, some of these chillies are incredibly hot, so to get the flavour they have experimented and found that cutting the chillies about 90% with Passata (which is made from ripe tomatoes that have been puréed and sieved to remove the skin and seeds) with a little added lime juice.

On two benches in one of the green houses, they had laid out bowls of the Chilli/Passata mix each labelled with the varieties of chillies, while I have tasted lots of chillies and sauces before this was a great way of finding the real flavour of each.

Below is a list of the varieties we got to try:-

  • Joes Long Cayenne

    Tasting Benches

    Tasting Benches

  • Masquarade
  • Krimzon Lee
  • Rougue De La Bresse
  • Gorria
  • Jalapeno
  • Super Chilli
  • Rocoto Red
  • Rocoto Yellow
  • Bulgarian Carrot
  • Sante Fe Grande
  • Fish Chilli
  • Aji Wrecking Ball
  • Aji Pickled Frog

    Chilli Red Missile

    Chilli Red Missile

  • Aji Red Lemon
  • Habanero Rebetona
  • Dorset Naga
  • 7-Pot
  • Habnero Paper Lantern
  • Habanero Peach
  • Habenaro Fruitburst
  • Habanero Trinidad
  • Goat Horn
  • Aji Hot
  • Aji Madre Vieja

Around the green house was a selection of chillies growing, some of which are available for sale, they also have a large range of seeds in the shop, as well as a small selection of sauces.

If you missed this, don’t worry, they are doing it all again next weekend (25th September 2010), it starts at 11 and finished at about 12:30, for more details visit

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