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A quick catch up of articles from last month, if you subscribe to our newsletter, we email out this listing each month

Bolivian Rainbow

Bolivian Rainbow

Growing Chillies On the Windowsill – We get a few visitors to the nursery, who say that they wish they could grow chillies, but have no garden or greenhouse. It’s a pleasure to tell them that there are quite a few varieties which they can grow on their windowsills. This statement is often greeted with a smile, that broadens as I tell them that the chillies can live for quite a few years in the house.

More SuperHot Chillies coming from the home of the Dorset Naga – We hear that expert chilli growers Michael and Joy Michaud (Peppers by Post & Sea Spring Seeds) have more superhot chillies coming to burn us.

Spicymonkey’s Ninja Monkey Sauce – ” I swirled my spoon around and pulled out a big enough dollop that was sure to test my mettle against this so called “Ninja Monkey”, holding it up to my nose I could smell the ginger, wasabi,soy sauce and habanero’s that were surely going to make this experience both painful and pleasureable at the same time”

Benington Lordship Chilli Festival 2010

Benington Lordship Chilli Festival 2010

Meg Proops Visits Benington Lordship – Chilli Festival 2010 – Once again, the hardy British public ignored the changeable weather to visit the 5th annual chilli festival at Bennington.

Edible Ornamentals opens the Edible Kitchen – To cater for the increasing number of chilli aficionados who make the pilgrimage to Bedford’s specialist pick-your-own vegetable and chilli grower, Edible Ornamentals have announced the opening of The Edible Kitchen at their Cherwood Nurseries in Chawston.

Sea Spring Seeds & Pepper By Post open day 22nd August 2010 – We live close to Sea Spring Seeds / Pepper By Post, but due to our hectic summer schedule we have never made it to their open day, but this year we pack the kids in the car and off we went, the only slight down side was the weather which just a little wet, with a sea mist rolling in.

Chilli Pepper Company – Born to Burn – “There! now thats not alot of ingredients at all, so I was fooled into thinking this sauce may not be that hot simply because it did’nt have any extract in and the Jolokia content is only i soon found out, “only” 30% is clearly more than enough to make this reviewer sweat bullets and wish he’d died!!”

Russell Williams explains how to make your own Oleoresin at home – “I thought it was time to share my method of heat extraction from the beautiful chilli peppers out there. You want to increase the heat without adding volume? Then Oleoresin is for you!”

Fire Foods Launches Infinity Chilli Sauce – The first sauce made with the Fire Foods Infinity Chilli has been launched by Fire Foods, the first batch of just 40 bottles, so if you want one , order it now.

West Dean 2010

West Dean 2010

Images from West Dean Chilli Fiesta 2010 – Here are some images from our time at West Dean Chilli Fiesta this year, we hope to have a video guide to publish later.

Simpsons Seeds Chilli Tasting – We all love a chilli, but trying to taste a wide range, and still have your palate in good working, or too sound a tad wordy, ‘functionally objective’. Well, we run tasting sessions at our nursery, and will also be running a small one at the Upton Cheyney Chilli Festival. They start in mid September, and go on for a couple of weeks, they also get hotter as the month goes on, as the Scotch Bonnets and Habanero’s mature later. Prior to our chilli tastings, we have tomato tastings, in which we will add a few chillies, just to liven things up.

Scott Roberts – Chilli Letter from America #9 – We’re in the middle of the “dog days” of summer, where sweltering temperatures grip a bulk of the United States with its tyrranical claws. The weather is not the only thing that’s getting hot in this country; we’re entering the heart of hot sauce and chile pepper festival season here. Even though the biggest summer event, ZestFest, has been postponed until Winter, we still have the recently transpired Weekend of Fire and the Toronto Hot & Spicy Food festival (the later, of course, taking place in Ontario, Canada); plus upcoming in later August and September are the I Like it Hot Festival in Florida; the Austin Chronicle Hot Sauce Festival in Austin, Texas; the National Buffalo Wing Festival in Buffalo, New York; the Hatch Chile Festival in Hatch, New Mexico; the Chile Pepper Food Festival in Bowers, Pennsylvania; the Houston Hot Sauce Festival in Houston, Texas, and the North Carolina Hot Sauce Festival in Oxford, North Carolina.

An Introduction to Wild Chillies – Capsicum has been known since the beginning of civilization in the Western Hemisphere. After Columbus returned from his explorations, they were introduced to Europe and other parts of the world, and cultivation of the plant began in Spain and Portugal in the early sixteenth century.

Chipotle Chilli Mayonnaise

Chipotle Chilli Mayonnaise

Atkins and Potts Chipotle Chilli Mayonnaise – Atkins and Potts are based in Newbury, Berkshire and is still a family owned business, they make all their products in small batches, I found this jar in one of our favourite Deli’s Bramble and Sage , just down the road in Sutton Montis, I often seem to find interesting products on their shelves, also their coffee is excellent.

Kushcuisine Wins Great Taste Awards Gold – We have seen Kushcuisine at the recent Fiery Foods In Brighton and at the West Dean Chilli Fiesta’s but we have yet to review any of there products, But in the mean time they have been very successful with the Guild of Fine Foods and have won a Gold Star for their Tomato Chilli Jam at the annual Great Taste Awards.

The Lakes Chilli Fest 2010 Show Report and images Part 1 and Part 2

Holy Cow! – Himalayan Hot Garlic Review– When opening this sauce, be careful, you will be hit by a strong garlic smell. You can get a hint of a slight lemon scent and a fair amount of chilli. It has the thin consistency that you would expect from a sauce, dip or dressing the ingredients are well mixed and the sauce does not seperate.

The Smokey Joe Sauce Company – Jerk Marinade – I like the taste of jerk, but I find most of the commercial versions of this Jamaican flavouring tend to be a pale imitation of the real thing of which there are lots of different versions, but they all have a few things in common, a complete depth of flavour with no fillers and they are all rich, warm and fragrant with no shortage of spices.
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