Russell Williams explains how to make your own Oleoresin at home

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I thought it was time to share my method of heat extraction from the beautiful chilli peppers out there. You want to increase the heat without adding volume? Then Oleoresin is for you!

My sauce, ‘The Evil One’ which was my first attempt at a superhot sauce, owes its credit to Oleoresin of the Blair’s dried jolokia chilli I used. Oleoresin is the natural oil found in most plants and herbs, but with chilli as well as heat, it also concentrates the flavour.

What you need to do is dry out your preferred chilli pepper. 110c in an oven is perfect for a couple of hours, split the pods or leave whole, it doesn’t matter. If you prefer, purchase them ready dried, Chillipepperpete, Hot Headz and Scorchio all carry excellent varieties.

Once dry, crush with pestle and mortar (or use a blender but try holding your breath as the dust is potent!) and then pop into a sealable glass jar. Just cover with a grain alcohol, I use vodka, cheap stuff from the supermarket gave exactly the same result as Black label Smirnoff, so don’t worry, the chilli is the most important ingredient, then lid on, good shake, pop in the fridge. When you remember, over a week to 10 days, give it a shake.

After the 10 days, gently pour out into a funnel lined with a coffee filter paper, over another glass jar. Allow to completely drain. In your original jar, pop the chillies back in and repeat the process (yes, 3 weeks to make it!). In the 2nd jar, you’ll have a very hot chilli vodka. Now place a piece of kitchen roll over the top and tape it on, you don’t want anything to fly into it, over the next week, this will allow the vodka to evaporate. After the second time you drain the chillies into the same jar, dispose of the filter paper well, tied in a carrier bag so no one touches it. Again, cover with kitchen roll and tape it on. Another week and you’ll be left with a thick oily residue. Oleoresin. This is going to be the pure heat from the pepper.

Basically that is it, I am entering ‘The Evil One’ again in Brighton this September, and I used Chillipepperpetes Naga’s this time, it has come out a lot hotter than the last time I made it, so if you wish to taste it, I hopefully will have a spare bottle for the chilliheads out there to try!

Russell Williams

Creator of ‘The Evil One’ – Amateur Sauce Winner – Best in Show ! (Fiery Foods Festival (Brighton Easter 2010)

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