Chilli Pepper Company – Born to Burn

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Chilli Pepper Company?—?Born to Burn

Chilli Pepper Company — Born to Burn

Right, its literally only 2 days to go now till west dean and i am doing my best to get some reviews out there of sauces that are actually going to be at the show! Today I bring you a sauce made by the amazing Gerald fowler of the “Chilli Pepper Company” (CPC henceforth) who is most famous for bringing us “10 minute burn” last september and things just have’nt been the same for Ged since! The sauce i am reviewing today is one that Ged is labelling as his “hottest non-extract” sauce, so as you can proabably imagine, I am MUCHOS excited to be given one of the first bottles to review!!

Ingredients: Tomatoes, bhut jolokia 30%, vinegar, sugar, mustard seeds, spices.

(Review bottle generously supplied by

There! now thats not alot of ingredients at all, so I was fooled into thinking this sauce may not be that hot simply because it did’nt have any extract in and the Jolokia content is only i soon found out, “only” 30% is clearly more than enough to make this reviewer sweat bullets and wish he’d died!!

“Born to Burn” as this sauce is known is one of the sauces that i believe Ged is launching at West Dean as this one isn’t on his website yet and as such it’s not available to the general public, so i thought that i HAD to give this a video review, just to see if it warranted the “ultre hot” label and to give you guys an idea of what to expect at West Dean this coming weekend! Now without further ado lets get on with the video!!

Soooooo there you have it, a tasty little sauce that I TOTALLY underestimated and you guys and girls out there can consider that a lesson well learnt! If you want to buy “Born to burn” then you should get yourselves over to and grab a bottle at about £6 and you won’t be sorry you did! FAILING THAT! you could just bring your arse down to the “West Dean Chilli Fiesta” this weekend, meet Ged himself and buy a bottle right from his stall, tell him Darth Naga sent you, better yet just grab me on the day and ask me to come with you to his stall! LOL!

Until next time my chilli padawanz, don’t underestimate the power of the dark side of the sauce!


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