Spicymonkey’s Ninja Monkey Sauce

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Spicymonkey - Ninja Monkey Sauce

Spicymonkey - Ninja Monkey Sauce

Okay people, here at Chilefoundry HQ we are gearing up for our annual work trip to the “West Dean Chilli Fiesta” which happens to be the biggest chilli event of the year! So in light of that my next few reviews will be of sauces from people that are actually going to be at west dean this year!

“Spicymonkey” is a company founded by Ian and Gemma based on two things..their love of all things spicy, and their love of primates!! On their site they have pledged to donate 50p from every jar of their “Monkey curry” powder to the http://www.intiwarayassi.org/ which is an animal sanctuary in the bolivian amazon rain forest and from October 2007 to July 2009 they have managed to make £151 for the sanctuary, so please get on over to http://www.spicymonkey.co.uk/ and purchase a jar of that today to not only help the sanctuary, but to enjoy a damn good curry as well!!

Ingredients: Onion, Avocado, Ginger, Rice Vinegar, Lemon Juice, Soy Sauce, Water, Habanero, Naga Pepper, Wasabi, Sugar, Salt, Sesame.

(Review jar kindly supplied by www.spicymonkey.co.uk)

Right where do i begin talking about this AMAZING sauce? I guess i should start by pointing out that “Ninja Monkey” is but one sauce in a trio of three made by Ian and Gemma over at “Spicymonkey Towers” and those sauces are made to cater for those of you like me out there who prefer their sauce that comes with a free kick up the arse in the jar/bottle and these three are no disappointment to that fact! The jar alone is worth the asking price on my opinion, a nice sized 190ml jar, emblazond with a nice bright label that is simple, but to the point.

A rather nasty looking brown monkey standing against a rising sun background whilst holding a big green chilli (i say its a chilli but it could be a japanese horseradish!) is enough to make anyone truly believe that this sauce will kick you in the nuts..HARD! Along with the aforementioned evil ninja monkey, there is also the name of the sauce in green and of course the usual stuff like ingredients, website and actualy postal address too! Something i did note that you don’t see all the time is a good list of 6 different uses for this sauce, now i know alot of sauce makers put a couple of uses, but SIX??? now thats dedication!

I decided i’d had enough of this monkey taunting me and twisted off the lid, grabbing my spoon I dipped it in, noting the myriad of colours in a delightfully chunky sauce as I swirled my spoon around and pulled out a big enough dollop that was sure to test my mettle against this so called “Ninja Monkey”, holding it up to my nose I could smell the ginger, wasabi,soy sauce and habanero’s that were surely going to make this experience both painful and pleasureable at the same time, I bowed gracefully (well as gracefully as a fat bloke can!) and proceeded to consume the sauce!

Immediately the amazing flavour of ginger and habaneros hit me, coupled with a hint of avocado and then the soy sauce and sesame..but it was the next part i feared most, i could taste the Naga creeping up on me, this Ninja monkey was about to have its wicked way!! The back of my throat warmed up quite quickly followed by an INSANE burn on the tip of my tonuge and the roof of my mouth, and it kept going..not a stupidly over the top burn i might add but one that was enough to bring the sweat on!

#So there you have it, my tryst with “Ninja Monkey” was over and my mouth is still currently recovering as I write this review. It has such an amazing flavour, the wasabi really does set it apart from alot of sauces out there and the naga heat just gives it that little edge! You can grab a jar of this awesome stuff from www.spicymonkey.co.uk for a paltry £4.95 and while you are there be sure to grab a jar of the “Monkey curry” as well, or failing that just get yourselves along to the “West Dean Chilli Fiesta” this coming weekend (6th, 7th and 8th of August!) where you’ll be able to meet Ian and sample all of his lovely spicy goodies, and if you do see him, tell him Darth Naga sent you!!

Until next time my chilli padawanz, may the sauce be with you!!


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