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Right! time for me to introduce a NEW feature here at the Chilefoundry! This is an idea myself and Hot Juan have had for some time, but last week was the first proper chance we got to actually implement it, the idea we had was for a series of featurettes based on different chilli and hotsauce manufacturers and distributors based in the UK and we shall visit these people and then make a short documentary type video on each one!

I decided to call it “Meet your maker” as i felt that was title that best fits the series!

The original idea was to do one long video and go from there, BUT due to Youtube restraints we can only upload it in 10 min chunks, which as it turns out is a good idea as now you can choose the content you want to see!

So the day started off with me standing outside Hot-Headz HQ on a blazing hot summer day in Stroud knocking on the door, luckily for me Stuart was in work that day and not off attending one of the many meetings he has, busy man is Stu!! Stuart invited me inside and then proceeded to give me a little history on Hot-Headz and how the name became famous! If you wanna know a little more about the Company and the people behind it then watch this intro!

After that little bit of history Stuart went on to give me a little tour of one of the Hot-Headz warehouses, and we came across a few sauces that caught my eye, me being the curious (Nosey) type i decided this was a prime opportunity to dig into Stuarts vast knowledge of Hotsauces and who makes them.

And then came my favourite part of the trip…Stuart invited me to see the one room that not alot of people get to see, his own personal sauce collection or the “Hot room” as he calls it!
This is TRULY a site to behold, its a sauce collectors dream and i felt truly priviledged that Stu allowed us to film inside the room!

So there you have it, the ins and out of Hot-Headz HQ and the people behind it all, Even though the last video says it all i just want to thank Stuart McAllister for letting us film inside his headquarters, Hot Juan for doing all the driving and making this visit possible and Mrs Naga for filming it all for us! As a rare treat i will sign off with a little tasting video we did at Hot-Headz HQ where Stuart himself actually joined us and gave his views on a couple of sauces, so check this vid out and see just what the Godfather of the UK hotsauce movement has to say! Till next time chilefanz, may the sauce be with you!

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