Scott Roberts — Chilli Letter from America #8

by Scott Roberts on July 22, 2010 · 0 comments

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Scott Roberts

Scott Roberts

Weekly Firecast Video

The big news from me would be the debut of the Weekly Firecast. Sure, online videos pertaining to fiery foods are no new thing, but I’ve batted around the idea of something closer to a chile and hot sauce related television program for many a moon. I finally decided on a compromise of sorts; it would be a multi-segment video podcast hosted on YouTube. My “pilot” episode debuted a few weeks ago, and now that my yearly vacation (or as your Brits would call it, “going on holiday”) is mostly done, I can focus on creating a new video every week.

I plan to cover a variety of topics that deal with the wild world of spicy food and barbecue, and I’m open to suggestions and ideas. If any of you want to subscribe to the show’s RSS feed, just go to

Weekend of Fire

It may not be the largest hot sauce trade show in the U.S., but it usually has the best turnout from the chile blogs. I’m talking about Jungle Jim’s International Market’s 4th Annual Weekend of Fire. The event, which is held next to one of the largest supermarkets in America in the Cincinnati, Ohio suburb of Fairfield, is always attended heavily by bloggers, hot sauce reviewers and many in the on-line chilehead community. Representatives from,,,,, and more will be there in full force. Of course, I will be there too, and we bloggers will be headquartered at our own booth, answering questions from attendees, officiating contests, or just walking around sampling fiery foods and meeting new exhibitors.

There are more food eating contests than ever this year. Of course, the granddaddy of these competitions is Defcon Deathmatch National Wing Eating Championship, which participants must consume 10 nuclear-hot chicken wings in 4 minutes or less, and then place their hands flat on the table for an additional 5 minutes with no help from soothing dairy products or beverages. Thanks to Defcon Sauces’ extract-laden liquid wing coating, it’s a battle against fearsome, capsaicin-induced pain, and is always fun to watch.

With nearly 70 vendors promoting nearly every kind of hot sauce and spicy food, there’s plenty to sample to buy at the Weekend of Fire. Show attendees will get to vote on whose products are best, as will the bloggers.

CaJohns’ Open House

The Monday directly following the Weekend of Fire, several chileheads will be traveling approximately 100 miles northeast from Cincinnati to the Columbus, Ohio area to visit CaJohns’ new facilities. There they will see the new home of CaBoom! Salsa, Holy Jolokia Sauce, and Mongoose and Black Mamba extract sauces. In addition to a tour, John “CaJohn” Hard, Chef Steve and the rest of the CaJohns crew will treat the visitors (everyone and anyone is free to come) to a delicious BBQ

New this year at CaJohns’ Open House will be a little event dubbed “The Reviewers Cup” – a food tasting challenge for writers from the chile blogs. CaJohn will cook up some mystery dishes, and whichever blogger is closest to identifying the correct ingredients will win the prize.

All in all, it’s a very nice bookmark to a great weekend of blazing foods.

NOLA Show Recap

The first New Orleans Hot Sauce Show was a big success, and by many accounts was also one of the most enjoyable events the participating vendors have ever taken part in. My colleague in capsaicin Al “Buddah” Goldenberg took several videos of both on-the-spot hot sauce reviews and contest footage.

Chip Hearn Interview

I recently interviewed Chip Hearn of Peppers, one of the largest hot sauce shops in the United States. Chip is easily one of the most entertaining gentlemen in the industry, with endless stories to tell plus unique insight into doing competition barbecuing, selling fiery foods products, and maintaining his world record collection of hot sauces (he boasts over 9,000 bottles).


As usual, the products sent to me for review run the spectrum in type and taste. Here’s a sampling of the items I’ve tasted and tested:

Until next month, keep it burning!

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