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We’ve all heard of Chilli chocolate bars and Chilli chocolate brownies. Angie Bourne and Anthony Sturge take this concept to a whole new level. This lovely couple, both with years and years of chef/catering experience, incorporate local produce and the finest ingredients to make sure they leave a lasting impression.

Deli Welli Doo Daaa make a selection of rich, sweet and fluffy muffins with a ChilliPepperPete Dragon’s Blood infusion both into the icing and the cakes themselves.

Chilli Muffins

Chilli Muffins

The rich Belgium chocolate buttercream icing, topped with sprinkles, marshmallows or chocolate discs, hide a delightfully warm feeling that leaves a very moreish, tingling sensation on your tongue. Throughout the chocolate sponge underneath the Dragon’s Blood tames, but is always there and never lets you forget.

In either dark or milk Belgian chocolate, the flavourful sauce sits in waiting, ready to ambush your taste buds. Surprisingly, the burn is relatively mild and quick, so you won’t be overpowered or unable to taste anything else. This Chilli-Muffin alliance has the right balance of flavours and heat. Unlike some competitors who have chilli with a hint of chocolate, or chocolate with a hint of chilli, these muffins will not disappoint.

Atop beautiful vanilla Dragon’s Blood buttercream icing sits a lime slice shaped and flavoured jelly sweet. Inside this muffin is a mix of red pepper, lime and coconut. Now lime and coconut have always gone hand in hand, but the addition of red pepper to the mix makes a difference you couldn’t imagine. With very small gratings of fresh lime peel and red pepper engulfed in the moist coconut sponge, one bite into the muffin gives you a zesty, fruity refreshing tang. Such an innocent looking muffin with a very clean combination of flavours is a stellar treat in my opinion.

World Hottest Chilli Ice Cream

World Hottest Chilli Ice Cream

Not only do Angie and Anthony make extraordinary cakes, they also make the worlds hottest Chilli ice cream. This is no easy task, as chilies and chilli sauces have a tendency of thinning out other ingredients which can stop the ice cream from setting correctly, thus resulting in a spicy cold mess! They combine several sauces and created three heats, one for every level of chilli addict.

Baby dragon is the mildest ice cream. Using Dragon’s blood in such a small amount still gives this deliciously thick ice cream a daring edge whilst retaining its cooling properties and is fantastic for a very interesting oral sensation.

Dragons Blood is made with the same sauce in a larger quantity; much hotter and delivers a generous kick to the back of the throat.

Satan’s Mother-in-Law leaves you with a ‘catch 22’ situation. Decadent fresh ice cream with a special sauce blend made with Nagas, among other things, leaves you with a fiery tongue that you just want to quench with more of the ice cream. Trouble is, the more you eat, the hotter it gets! A fantastic jump into mixing the hot with the cold and a must try for anyone who enjoys teasing their mind with this very entertaining combination.

This company were a massive hit at Grillstock and fortunately for us they are going to be attending at this year’s West Dean Chilli Fiesta on August 6th, 7th and 8th. So for all those reading this review and thinking of getting your mitts on their stuff, you’ll get your chance. Get it whilst its hot (lol), Stop them and buy one.

This is Mrs Naga, hoping to see you all at West Dean. Darth told me to sign off with ‘May the sauce be with you’ (rolls eyes).

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