Fiery Foods Chilli Eating Competitions – GrillStock Bristol 2010

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Its Monday morning and I’m sat at Hot Juan’s computer typing this up while he sorts out the hamper for you lovely people, I’m pretty knackered at this point…good thing i have  few days off work!

The reason for my tiredness was the awesome grillstock festival that took place in Bristol last weekend, for those of you that have been living under a rock for the past week (or at least those of you that haven’t had a chance to look at the Chilefoundry recently!) Grillstock was a big barbecue festival that took place in Bristol by the harbour, lots of big barbecue companies were displaying all manner of barbecue hardware and there were even some food vendors too but the biggest attraction in my mind was the FFUK Chilli eating competition. I was the compere for said competition that saw several unsuspecting mug…ummm…visitors over the course of two days go through sheer gut churning agony all for entertainment value and a selection of hot sauces and gifts, and what a competition it was!
First up in the chilli eating comp was the “Aci Sivri” at roughly 3,000 SHU, closely followed by the “Jalapeno” (4-5,000 SHU) and the “Whippets tail” (6,000 SHU), those 3 chilli’s proved to be too much for Vic Singh and thus he stood up and bowed out gracefully  to the roar of applause he received from the huge crowd!
Then out came the big guns, a huge jump in SHU to the “Cayenne” which weighs in at around 25,000 SHU, then the “Thai” chilli (50-100K SHU) came out to play..but it was the mighty “Scotch Bonnet”(100-350K SHU) that came and slayed the 3 lads from cornwall, Adam pearce, Rob pollard and Nick!
Dan Cronin, Danny hancock and Charlotte Pincott were also taken down by the almighty Scotch Bonnet, and its not surprising as the Scotch is a close cousin of the fabled “Habanero” pepper and shares a similar heat rating, not quite on par with but not far off! By this point we were down to only a fraction of the starting contestants and the competition was heating up by a fair number of degrees!
It was at this stage in the game that people were really starting to feel the burn, which was perfect as the next chilli up was the legendary “Habanero” at a massively eye watering 750,000 SHU!! This pepper is usually the limit for most normal folk, and even then alot of people bow out of eating or even trying food that has this pepper present as its well known for being one of the hottest peppers on the planet, in fact it actually was the hottest known until the “Naga Jolokia” showed up a few years ago!
Unfortunately the Habanero proved just too hot for Simon Linguard who ate the red hot fruit then stood up and declared “i’m done”, so now came the “wildcard” round and this time it was a teaspoon of Chillipepperpete’s “Dragons blood” hotsauce  (800k SHU) which, to my surprise the contestants wolfed down without any hesitation and ALL of them survived ready to devour the next pepper!
The “Dorset naga” (1 million SHU) was thrown into the mix at this point and that did’nt seem to phase the players either, something had to be done so out came the “7 Pot” chilli (1.02 million SHU) and it was this chilli that made Leo say “I’m not eating that!” and thus he left the table, but at this point anyone still there from the Habanero onwards was considered insane!
Those that did eat it however probably wished they hadn’t as it took out two more people, Lok and Jez Parry bowed down to the 7 Pot’s amazing heat and thus set the stage for the final 3 people…
The famous and ever popular champion “The Guff”, Mr Chill and a lovely lady called Laura all of which wolfed down the Chillipepperpete naga (1.05-1.08 million SHU) not once but THREE times before it was decided that the best way to sort this out was to bring out the “Satans S#*t” (fartoomany SHU) and give the people a half teaspoon each but that STILL did’nt bring anyone down so the final call was for “Danger” an extract sold by “Chillipepperpete” that weighed in at 6.4million SHU and that was it!! Laura decided enough was enough and left the two lads to carry on!
After they had held the 6.4million SHU paste on their tongues for 10 secs then licked the sticks clean it was decided that enough was enough and we declared them both the joint winners!
Both “The Guff” (Gareth Boughtwood) and “Mr Chill” (Colin Hill) were more than happy to collect their prizes of a chilli themed hamper of goodies, had their pics taken with me and then were sent on their merry way to enjoy the rest of their weekend! Guffy has said he will be back for the contest in September and Mr Chill has vowed to come and defend the title also so we have that to look forward to!

Although we don’t have any photo’s of the second days chilli eating competition it was a similar story but with more people dropping out earlier on and then when the naga’s hit there were only a small handful left, the naga’s took down even more people and in the end the two winners had eaten about 5 or 6 Naga’s EACH! Again this ended with the two contestants taking home a chilli hamper each and those two illustrious gentlemen were Simon Barrett (Yes! The Chillijamman himself!) and Jullu Miah who was a total spectacle to watch, heck he even saved me a job of entertaining the crowd as his chilli eating performance was worth the entrance fee alone!!

Well done to all who entered and we hope to see the champions again in Brighton this September for the mother of all chilli eating contests, its gonna be a MASSACRE!!

Until next time my chilli padawanz, may the sauce be with you, always!
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