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Hotel Chocolat. started life over 15 year ago when founders Angus Thirlwell and Peter Harris decided to introduce the UK consumers to a better quality of chocolate, they started as a catalogue business, then opened a web site, and then in 2004 opened their first high street store, they own their own West Indian cocoa plantation “Rabot Estate” so they are a complete chocolate business from farm to mouth controlling all the processes and quality of their products.

Hotel Chocolat. - Chilli Truffles (Not to scale)

Hotel Chocolat. - Chilli Truffles (Not to scale)

They make a number of Chilli Chocolate products, my daughter select this one for me to try, we have eaten their excellent chilli chocolate bars in the past and I am a regular visitor to their Basingstoke store.

There truffles have a crisp outer shell with and rather nipple like purple spot on the top for decoration, inside is a dark coloured chocolate ganache, which they describe as having a subtle chilli warmth, as you taste the ganache you get a definite alcoholic sensation before the smooth ganache melts in the mouth revealing the warmth of the chilli.

Ingredients: Chocolate (Sugar, Cocoa Mass, Cocoa Butter, Emulsifier, Soya Lechin), Filling & Decoration Cream, Full Fat Milk Powder, Humectant Sorbitol Syrup, Butterfat, Glucose Syrup, Alcohol, Natural Colour (Beta-Carotene), Natural Flavour (Chilli), Dark Chocolate contains 70% Minimum Cocoa Solids.

These are not hot, but an incredibly smooth and subtitle the warmth of the chilli seems to just warm the mouth with no unpleasant after tastes, it is hard to explain how well these work and how pleasant the sensation is, but I soon found I had finished the whole pack of 6, the heat never building as it cooled by the butterfat and cream.

They are an outstanding example of the use of chilli and chocolate to make something that everyone would enjoy (if I had not eaten them all!) I don’t think you would want them after a chilli meal as the subtlety of the flavour would be lost, but with a good coffee for my elevenses I could not as for more (well maybe just another 1/2 dozen)


While the packing was not excessive, I did find it hard to read the ingredients list, also as a luxury product it is hard to give them a high score for value, in-store you can purchase these, could not find them on the web site.
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