Simple Recipes for Chilli Sherry to Cook or Drink

by Hot Juan on June 24, 2010 · 1 comment

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I have made a number of different versions of Chilli Sherry over the years, some to drink and some to cook with, generally the difference is the heat and flavour of the chillies used and the quality of the sherry.

As a cooking ingredient Chilli Sherry is excellent in stir-fry’s and sauces, to make this you will need.


  • 1 Bottle of cooking quality Sherry
  • 20+ Fresh Chillies or 30+ Dried Chillies

The chillies do not need to be super hot, Serrano and Jalapeno chillies would be fine, cut open the chillies so that the Sherry can get inside, then place the chillies in a large container, you will need one that can be sealed later. Add the Sherry (Retain the bottle for later) to cover the chillies and stir well, we would like to remove and pockets of air inside the chillies. Seal the container and store in the fridge for at least a few weeks.

You can then taste the sherry and see if it has the required heat, if not return it to the fridge for a few more weeks, if you think it is ready, you can then pour the sherry back in to the original bottle ready for use.

You now also have a pot full of very tasty chillies you can use to make an great paste by mashing them up and storing in a old jam jar in the fridge, it is fantastic spread on Chicken or Pork Chops for the last few minutes of cooking.

Sherry to Drink

If you want to make a drinking Sherry, use only a couple of chillies per bottle of good quality Sherry, slice them open and add to the bottle, reseal the bottle and leave for a few months, you could do this now and you would have an Christmas tipple, it is is to hot, you cal always use more sherry to dilute it.
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