The Chilli Pepper Company – Naga Viper

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If you are looking for information on the Chilli also called the Naga Viper please click here

The Chilli Pepper Company - Naga Viper

The Chilli Pepper Company - Naga Viper

Right people, its been a while since I reviewed one of Geds masterpieces, so here is such a review! I have known Ged from The Chilli Pepper Company (CPC) for a couple of years now, he was the man who introduced me to extract and offered me a taste of 7.3 million SHU to try, DAMN! that was hot! He does do some stupidly hot sauces such as his now infamous “10 Minute burn” and the sauce I have today is a hot one, but not to the same scale!

Ingredients: Tomatoes, Fresh Naga Morich, Cider Vinegar, Orange Juice, Chipotle Chilli, Spices, Herbs, Celery, Mustard.

(Review bottle supplied by Ged from

“Naga Viper” comes in one of the CPC standard bottles with one of Geds own printed labels on that has a snazzy little picture on, in this case the picture is of a very venemous looking cobra, which has been put there to obviously reflect the name, and of course referring to the fact that the Naga is also known as “Nai mirris” in Sri lanka which literally means “Cobra chilli” so the picture on the label is very apt indeed!

The sauce inside is smooth and fre flowing without being watery or overly liquidy, this is PERFECT pouring consistencey and I reckon it would do well to be poured over absolutely anything. Upon twisting off the cap I noticed it smells a little like supermarket tomato ketchup and Naga’s! which is no bad thing as I think kethcup freshly opened smells amazing, i’m not a fan of the flavour of ketchup though, which is why I am glad this bad boy tasted differently to how it smells!

I poured a little out onto my fabled tasting spoon and then popped it into my mouth to swirl it round and get a feel for the flavour of it and I must say I was pleasently surprised! The flavour that hits almost immediately is a sweet naga/tomato flavour with undertones of orange, as the flavour dissipates and the heat builds you are left with a beautiful smokiness which no doubt comes from the chipotle thats present. I took another spoonful and I thinks its safe to say that the heat in this sauce while not apparent at first is certainly a building heat that grabs you a little more each time you dip in! By the third teaspoon a slight film of sweat had formed on my brow and my mouth was asking nicely if I would stop!

I would honestly recommend this to anyone, for the ardent nutters like myself this works as a great table sauce for general everyday use and for adding to anything, for the more newbie chile heads this is a sauce that must be treated with respect and not just jumped into head first, you WILL get burned! So give it a try in soups and stews, and maybe add a dash to your next curry?

At a measly £5.50 a bottle from you can’t go far wrong with this sauce, its a good all rounder with a nice heat level and immense amounts of flavour to boot!!

Right I better go and grab a glass ‘o milk! Until next time chilefanz, may the sauce be with you!!

Editors Note:- Since Darth Naga Did this review the label has been redesigned, we have increased our packaging and overall ratings to reflect this.

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