Darth Naga Reviews Cajohn’s Mongoose

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Cajohn's Mongoose Hot Sauce

Cajohn's Mongoose Hot Sauce

Okay now thats out of the way, lets crack on with the review. The sauce myself and Binbagz reviewed a couple of days ago is a hot one to say the least, but then thats not surprising considering who actually makes it! Cajohn is a guy from Columbus, Ohio who started out life as a Fire chief with the Columbus fire department, but after a while he realised that putting fires out was’nt his thing, and that he preferred starting fires..in peoples mouths!

Ingredients: Bhut Jolokia chiles, Fatalii chiles, Vinegar, Natural flavours.

(Review bottle kindly supplied by www.hot-headz.com)

“Mongoose” is one hell of a sauce it has to be said, my experiences with Cajohn’s sauces have’nt been great to say the least but this sauce has truly converted me! It all starts with this awesome little black gift box, that has what looks like a mongoose on the front coming out of the dark with a snake in its teeth, couple with the title this seriously looks like the cover of some horror b-movie and the contents tell a pretty similar tale!

The bottle inside is much smaller than most sauce bottles as you can see from the video, it looks a little like a medicine bottle and at 59ml alot of people are gonne be thinking “Hang on a minute, thats a bit crap for £8!” but fear not!, if I did’nt think it was worth buying I would slate it as opposed to sing its praises, if theres one thing my readers know of me its that I am honest and fair in my reviews, and this is no different!

Take a look at the video below and i’ll see you on the other side!

SEE??? SEE THAT???!! when I said this sauce was insane I bloody well meant it! As myself and Binbagz have pointed out during the video, the extract flavour (Cajohn puts his extract under the heading “natural flavours”, mainly because it is a natural product!)is very well hidden by both the Naga (YAY!) and the Fatalii chillis and as such this makes a very nice flavoured sauce that literally grabs you by the plums with its heat level and won’t let go unless you ask really, REALLY nicely!

My review bottle was supplied by Stuart Mcallister of Hot Headz! and as such you can purchase this stuff right NOW over at www.hot-headz.com for £7.99 a bottle, which may seem pricey to some, but trust me, its worth every penny and this is a sauce that you won’t get through in a hurry, you only need to use a couple of drops in a meal for 2 or 4 and that will give it a cracking kick!

Until next time my chile Padawanz! use the sauce!!


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