South Devon Chilli Farm – Hot Habanero Sauce Review

by Darth Naga on June 17, 2010 · 4 comments

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South Devon Chilli Farm - Hot Habanero Sauce

South Devon Chilli Farm - Hot Habanero Sauce

Today I am mostly finding it difficult to type up this review, due to the burning sensation that is plaguing my lips from todays review sauce, ITS A HOT ONE FOLKS…but then you knew that didn’t you? otherwise why would I be reviewing it??!

The sauce I have in front of my comes from a UK company known as the “South Devon Chilli Farm” or SDCF as I shall be calling them from now on! As you will probably know, my previous review of an SDCF sauce wasn’t particularly favourable as I believed the Jalapeno flavour just didn’t lend itself well to the cider vinegar in the recipe, NOW this sauce also contains cider vinegar, but does it suffer the same drawback? read on and find out!

Ingredients: Fresh Habanero Chillies (60%), Cider Vinegar, Lemon Juice, Salt.

(Review bottle kindly supplied by

“Hot Habanero Sauce” has literally 4 ingredients, thats it, no added c##p!  The bottle itself is a shade smaller than most other sauce bottles from other suppliers, and at 100ml theres a little less in the bottle also, but then SDCF don’t charge as much as other suppliers! The bottle itself has a very colorful label with their signature red chilli slap bang in the middle, coupled with the name of the sauce itself and at the top the SDCF logo in a lovely red and green! The sauce itself is a dark orange in colour and very smooth, another one for pouring without being too runny!

I popped the lid and gave it the nasal nosedive upon which I could immediately smell the fruity and attractive aroma of Habanero pods with a hint of the lemon juice also, I decided to not waste any more time and rather than pouring it out onto my tasting spoon I instead went for an intravenou…nahhh not really, but I did sup it straight from the bottle instead!

WOWOWOWOWOWOWOW ow..owwwwwww…OWWWWWW that was my ACTUAL reaction to this sauce, with this Habanero sauce SDCF have TOTALLY redeemed themselves in my eyes, an amazing flavour with a serious heat kick that gives you a proper punch in the mouth after the flavour has died down, just so you know the sauce is still having its own wicked way with you! This stuff is like liquid habanero’s and you can’t taste the cider vinegar, or maybe you can but it just goes so well with the habs that I can’t notice it like I did with the jalapeno sauce? Either way this a blinding sauce that really shouldn’t be missed, hence the reason its won two Gold Taste Awards in both 2005 AND 2007!

I would wholeheartedly recommend this sauce to anyone who is looking for a nice hot, habanero sauce that will not only put a smile on your face, but keep your wallet happy as well because at a pocket pleasing £3.40 directly from this is definitely a summer sauce that should have a special place at your next barbecue, your mates will want this on their burgers and will probably come back for more too!!

Right, time for this Pithlord to get back to the dark side of the sauce, so until next time peeps, may the sauce be with you!


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