Hot-Headz Calypso Caribbean Style Hot Sauce

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Hot-Headz has been a leading supplier of Hot Sauces in the UK since 1994, owner Stuart McAllister has a passion for hot sauce both finding and developing the best sauces he can find around the world.

This sauce is inspired by the tastes of the West Indies with chillies, fruit and spices combined to make a sauce with a bright orange/yellow colour.

Hot-Headz Calypso Caribbean Style Hot Sauce

Hot-Headz Calypso Caribbean Style Hot Sauce

This is no strong smell from this sauce, except for a little fruity aroma from the Papaya and a hint of mustard. The first flavours I find are from the mustard and cane vinegar, then the Papaya sweetness, followed by the heat from the chillies and then a pleasant after taste from the Garlic and Turmeric and my mouth cools between spoon full’s.

This is not a killer heat hot sauce, but is has a good kick and no unpleasant surprises, This would be good with BBQ or roast beef, or added to a salad dressing it will bring a zing to most things.

After the bottle has been open a while and after tasting a few teaspoons, I can now start the smell a much stronger Mustard/Turmeric/Papaya aroma from the bottle (It has awakened my sense of smell and make me feel hungry)

Ingredients: Papaya, Water, Habanero Pepper, Salt, Onion, Naga Jolokia pepper 2%, Sugar, Acetic Acid, Starch, Mustard, Brown Sugar, Cucumber, Cane Vinegar, Garlic Powder, Turmeric Root, Curry.

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As with many of the sauces we receive this sauce contains the Naga Jolokia, this is the Hot chilli of the moment (excuse the pun), but sure when it hot to the West Indies, but I suspect it is being used to add heat to this sauce without using an extract.

The sauce is available in two sizes the standard 148ml bottle at £2.99 and a very useful pocket size 58 ml bottle at £1.99 which is ideal for taking to that summer BBQ’s just in case! You can order on-line from


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