The Chilli Jam Man – The 3 Peaks Chilli Jam

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RIGHT let me just start out this review by stating that i’m NOT a big fan of sweet chilli things..problem is people keep sending me sweet chilli things and they are slowly changing my mind!! Todays “Jam” comes from a guy that up until I received this jar and then added him on twitter I knew nothing at all about him, but after a bit of net sleuthing I found out a little.

The Chilli Jam Man - The 3 Peaks Chilli Jam

The Chilli Jam Man - The 3 Peaks Chilli Jam

Some time ago a man named Simon Barrett decided that being a mortgage broker was really not what he wanted to do in life, and decided that in fact chilli’s were his passion!

One day Simon decided to go on a walk along a yellow brick road and visit an amazing wizard who could teach him how to make some amazing chilli ja…..okay, OKAY! None of that was true, except for the mortgage broker part, that was true, and Simon did indeed drop being a mortgage broker and took up his true love, making chilli jam!!

Ingredients: Tomato, Sugar, Red Wine Vinegar, Garlic, Chilli, Ginger, Nam Pla, Balsamic vinegar.

Thats it! seriously, just eight ingredients make up this “The 3 Peaks Chilli Jam” all the way from a guy up in leeds, Mr Simon Barrett, otherwise known as “The Chilli Jam Man”, now this is no ordinary Jam, I was handed this by Hot Juan for the simple fact it contains three very hot chilli’s, namely the Birds eye, Habanero and my personal fave…NAGA!! Now, as you all know I have tasted a sweet chilli product or two before but as far as I know none of them have contained Naga jolokia so I was rather intrigued by how someone could make such a savoury tasting pepper taste sweet!

The jar itself is an unassuming 220g jar with a simple but eye catching white label across the front, on this little label the ingredients are displayed, along with the name of the sauce, the company that makes it ( in red and green, ew! try less clashing colours Simon!) and a nice warning that simply states “HOT JAM”. My loyal readers you know that I am somewhat of a moron when it comes to hot food, and seeing a label that has a warning on just makes me want to grab a nice big spoon and tuck in!

Welllllllllllllll tuck in is exactly what I did! I twisted off the lid and thats when I first noticed the nice, seed filled and chunky consistency of this reddy brown and thick Jam in the jar, I could smell the tomato’s and the garlic straight away, a hint of chilli was there but not a major amount, at this point due to the lack of chilli scent I was a bit worried that this jam may not turn out to be all that…BOY WAS I WRONG!

Dipping in my fabled tasting spoon and pulling out a huge dollop of jam I placed it into my mouth and then dropped the payload onto my tongue, almost instantly the garlic and habanero flavour hit me, then out of nowhere the Naga kicked in and made me hiccup once! the sweat was beading on my brow as I took another spoonful, the heat started to rise and thats when I knew that this jam was something else! The flavour is unique, ginger and garlic with habanero and Naga makes this one hell of a sweet surprise! the sweetness really does bely the amount of heat that this stuff can give off, I am still sweating as I write this now and I have a really strong tongue burn going on and my mouth is gently tingling, WOW!

I really don’t know what more to say about this amazing jam other than get yourself over to and buy a jar of “The 3 Peaks Chilli Jam” at a mere £4 for 220g, alot of you may say thats steep, but considering the jars are filled to the brim and the jam itself will last a fair while, I think this is a bargain price for such an astonishing jam!

I’m gonna go recover from this, so until next time my chile padawanz, may the sauce be with you!!


Note: The label has been redesigned since this photo and product was sent in for review

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