Scott Roberts — Chilli Letter from America #6

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Scott Roberts

Scott Roberts

It’s hard to believe it’s already May of 2010. Soon, people all across America will be doing outdoor grilling and barbecuing, celebrating Memorial Day Weekend at the end of this month, and wondering what to do with bored kids all day long now that school will be out for the summer.

It’s also a good time to experiment with some hot sauces, barbecue sauces and spicy seasoning rubs to flavor all of this wonderful grilled and smoked meat, and also try some chile peppers in side dishes to give them some extra added kick!

Here’s what has been going on since I’ve last spoken with you:

My Pepper Garden
I’ve started by chile pepper garden…at last! It’s a few weeks late for planting in this humid continental climate area of the U.S. in which I live, but I’m sure the plants will do fine. I recently posted a list of the varieties I’m growing.

Top 10 Sauces for Beginners

Top 10 Sauces for Beginners

Peppers at the Beach
The first annual Peppers at the Beach event was held this past weekend at Rehoboth Beach, Delaware’s Peppers shop. This was very small scale compared to a some of the larger trade shows and festivals, but this more intimate approach proved to be a pleasant time by many of the vendors and the chilehead attendees. Unfortunately I was unable to attend, but thankfully there were plenty of photos taken and video footage show. [photos] [various videos]

Top 10 Mild Sauces For Beginners
I frequently get asked by fiery foods novices what I think are the best sauces to try that won’t burn their mouths. I prepared a list for anyone who is ready to move beyond the everyday brands like Tabasco and experience some real flavor and uniqueness.

SLA 2010

SLA 2010

SLA Science of Hot Sauce Presentation

The Special Library Association Annual Conference & Info-Expo, also known as SLA 2010, will be held on June 13-16 in New Orleans, LA. One seminar held dring this event that would be of interest to chileheads is “The Science of Hot Sauce”. Dr. Ben Villalón aka “Dr. Pepper,” a retired Texas Extension Specialist and developer of the TAM jalapeno, will lead the speakers and will discuss the scientific properties of hot sauces and more spicy information. Included in his presentation will be mentions of and my blog posts.

Scott Speaks to Ecuadorian Radio
A few weeks back, I appeared on Ecuador’s Radio City, a BBC-associated station. It was my first Spanish-language interview (thankfully the questions were translated into English for me as my Spanish is a little rusty!) and I talked mainly about what it is to be a chilehead in the United States. This was part of their week-long series of spicy food.

More Spicy Snacks in the Mainstream
Seems like with each passing month that every major brand of snack crisps and chips is getting more and more “hot” versions of their wares. That may be anecdotal information, but there’s some evidence that fiery foods are becoming mainstream: Dorito’s Degree Burn series. America’s most popular line of flavored tortilla chips are now available in 1st Degree Burn Blazin’ Jalapeno, 2nd Degree Burn Fiery Buffalo and 3rd Degree Burn Scorchin’ Habanero flavors. I should have reviews on all three of these real soon.

Reviews, Reviews and More Reviews!
Some of my favorite product reviews I’ve done this past month:
Dragon’s Breath Elixir Hot Sauce –
Intensity Academy Garlic Goodness Hot Sauce –
Jimi Mac’s Super Sauce –
Deano’s Jalapeno Chips –
Sailor’s Swagger The Mighty Pineapple Hot Sauce –

Until next time, keep it burning!
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